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About Us DrDony’s Sales and Marketing 


  • Provide Online Business Programs, Systems and Tools Used Successfully by the Author
  • Based On Longevity, Owner’s Reputation and Performance
  • Most are great Business Opportunities or Work at Home recommendations
  • Balanced price range from Free to High Ticket items
  • Tools and education help add value to your marketing
  • Attract readers and support for our Internet Crime Fighters Org Blog


  • Forget the puffing, hype built into most programs
  • Most Affiliates Do Not do Due Diligence and just spam us with scams emails and post on  Social Networks
  • Too many newcomer or newbies seek overnight success
  • Anything can be forged, faked on the Internet; Testimonials, Payment Proofs, Even the Websites
  • Check the WhoIs for the Owner, check the Owner’s Reputation
  • Too many failed to follow the plan or blueprint step by step
  • The results achieved by the author others may or may be the same as your results
  • If you have been doing the same thing day after day, don’t expect the results to change
  • Treat it as a Business, not a Hobby
  • Educate yourself through programs such as 4 Percent 7-Steps for FREE
  • Many offer unlimited Income potential fueled by Your Passion and Drive for Success Online
  • These are business Programs, Systems and Tools for building a long-time sustainable business income online
  • “Extraordinary” Value for Internet Marketers
  • As always, Do Your Due Diligence and take Responsibility for your Decision and Success
  • Bookmark and Comeback often for new additions


  • ICFO Founder, Dr. Don Yates Sr PhD
  • Victim Child Abuse; Suffered nearly all forms of abuse from ages 2 to 14
  • Offline Financial Scams and Fraud Verification since 1981, Financial underwriting
  • Investigating and Reporting, Scams, Threats As Well As Internet Business Opportunities, Make Money Online and Work From Home Opportunities Since 2004
  • Author The Internet Users Handbook 2009-2013
  • Blogs included Avoiding Scams Online, Kooiii Stay Safe, My Safety Net and Stay Safe Blogs
  • Founder of the Internet Scams Anonymous Groups 2010-2013
    • Formerly found in various social business and media sites
    • Closed due to spammers; time-consuming group management
  • ICFO broadens the scope and replaces the author’s  former efforts
  • Our current ICFO group is found here Internet Crime Fighters Group
  • Author Internet Risk Management
  • A Successful Offline and Online Business Development and Entrepreneur since age 8
  • See more About Me

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Dr Don
Dr. Don Yates Sr Ph.D. Online since 2004 investigating and reporting Internet Crimes, Scams, Threats as well as Business and Work from Home Opportunities Author. The Internet Users Handbook 2nd Edition 2009-2013, Mentor, Advisor and Coach, Entrepreneur, Retired Chairman, CEO, and President, RE Broker
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