Best Work-From-Home Jobs for Extroverts

Best Work-From-Home Jobs for Extroverts

Discover how to socialize and get human interaction even when you work a remote job. These are the best work from home jobs for extroverts, aka people-people.

Working from home is such a mixed blessing, isn’t it? Sure, there’s no traffic or commuting, and you can work in your PJs (the biggest perk of all!). But do you ever miss being around people and having those desk conversations?

If you are an extrovert and thinking about working from home, this guide is for you.

But first, let’s get a really clear understanding of what an extrovert actually is.

What Does Extrovert Mean?

If you want to get really nerdy, I’ll tell you the history and definition of the word. It’s pretty interesting.

Psychologist Carl G. Jung coined the term in the 1920s. He created a theory that stated there are essentially two types of people – those concerned with what’s going on outside of oneself (extroverts) and those more concerned with inner issues with oneself (introverts).

Ever since he started the study, more and more psychologists have studied personalities with these two labels.

Extrovert Personality Traits

Today, we understand that extroverts feel more energized when they interact with people. They tend to be talkative, outgoing, and thrive on meeting new people. According to Psychologist World, a need for social interaction drives an extrovert’s behavior.

When you work from home, chances are you aren’t interacting with people very often. This can drive some extroverts a little crazy.

Thankfully, if you’re an extrovert, there are some things you can do to fight off this loneliness.

Best Work-From-Home Jobs for ExtrovertsBest Work-From-Home Jobs for Extroverts

The first thing you need to do is to choose the best work-from-home jobs for your personality. Some require more social interaction than others.

1. Freelance Writer

Some freelance writing jobs will require you to interview people or work on a team to accomplish a task. If you thrive on social interaction, look for freelance writing jobs where you’ll be part of a team. Avoid isolating yourself in an office and just writing nonstop.

2. Virtual Assistant

A lot of websites and professional blogs need virtual assistants to schedule social media posts, create and manage editorial calendars, and even manage teams.

Being a project or team leader for a website is a job that requires people skills, so it’s perfect for extroverts. Here’s a helpful guide about how to become a virtual assistant, what they do, and how much they earn.

You’ll need great people skills, the ability to manage your time, amazing task management skills, and social media and computer/web skills. If that all pertains to you, then this might be the perfect job for you.

3. Tech Support Jobs

This job might not be nearly as social as the virtual assistant, but it pays well, and you get to interact with people.

Tech support jobs are best for people who can de-escalate tense situations and love creating solutions to problems. If this interests you, here’s a great post with a list of tech support jobs and how to apply for them.

4. Teach English From Home and Online Tutoring

One of the most rewarding work-at-home jobs for extroverts is online tutoring. You get to work directly with both children and adults via video and chat. The main companies that hire online tutors or English teachers are:

5. Sales

Finally, there are always online sales jobs that will let you work remotely. You just need to be good on the phone and have a vibrant personality. A lot of places hire remote sales workers because you don’t really need to be in an office to make a sale.

Sales can be excellent for extroverts because you talk to a lot of different people and meet new people constantly.

How To Get Social Interaction as An Extrovert When You Work From Home

One of the toughest things about working from home as an extrovert is that the only person you talk to some days is your Alexa or Google.

As an extrovert, you probably love getting feedback on your ideas or hearing a little chuckle from someone else once in a while.

And that’s totally normal. Here’s how to get social interaction, even if you have a remote job.

Public Slack Workplaces

It might not be audible voices or faces you can see, but slack workplaces are a great place to get instant feedback and chit chat throughout your workday.

What’s Slack? It’s basically a messaging app kind of like Skype. Offices often use it to message between team members. You can create channels with hashtags for discussing specific tasks or projects.

But there are also public Slack channels you can join too, based on your industry. For example, if you are a freelance writer, you can join a writer’s Slack channel. Search Slofile’s database to find one that matches your niche.

Best Work-From-Home Jobs for Extroverts

Work in A Co-op Workspace

Another idea is to find a local co-op workspace or co-working space. These are typically public buildings with an open floor plan where anyone can bring their projects and work alongside other freelancing professionals.

You’ll meet other people who do what you do and might even make a new friend or two.

Some workspaces require a fee before you can set up and start working, so check for a co-working space near you and ask before showing up.

Where Can I Work Besides a Coffee Shop?

I bet every single remote worker knows the joys – and annoyances – of working at a coffee shop. There are numerous other places you can work if you want a change of pace.

Try a deli or lunch restaurant. Panera Bread has free Wi-Fi and is a popular place to work. Plus, you can enjoy free coffee refills all day!

Another idea is the hotel lobby. They typically have free Wi-Fi too. If you go to a nicer hotel, they might have an area with tables and chairs.

Finally, you can always count on libraries and museums to be a wonderful place to work, and people-watch at the same time.

Does Working From Home Cause Anxiety?

Whether you get anxiety working from home depends on a lot of factors. Yes, it could give you anxiety, but most people don’t have much of a problem.

Here are the most common anxiety triggers for remote workers:

  • Deadlines – Working from the same place as your bed and couch can make it tough to meet deadlines.
  • Lack of Social Interaction – As I explained earlier, sometimes extroverts really need that external feedback.
  • Unreliable income – Some home-based jobs don’t have a reliable income profile. It might depend on how many articles you’re assigned or how many sales you land.

The most helpful thing you can do is admit what your trigger is. Once you name it, you can address it and find ways to cope.

How Do You Socialize Working From Home?

You might have to be a bit more proactive about socializing when you work from home, but there are ways to do it.

Do you have any friends or family nearby? Start scheduling a few fun dates or hangouts once a month. Even quick lunches can give you a little pick-me-up.

Another idea is to join a Facebook group. These are fun ways to share memes, jokes, and even get tips and insights for your specific job. The Facebook group option is searchable, or you can ask someone you know in your field to recommend one.

Finally, plan a meet-up with other freelance or remote workers. Meeting in person once in a while can be a fantastic way to network and brainstorm different methods to further your career.

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The Best Work-From-Home Jobs Will Meet Your Needs

I really hope these tips helped you out. I know that working from home can feel isolating when you’re an extrovert. Just find a job that matches your personality and make it a priority to interact with people outside of your home.

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