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Lists, Lists, Lists:  The Money is Still in You List. Build It With these Resources

From our post “Why You Need a Marketing List” 

“Guru’s maintain large lists and can make money every day, almost on demand, like an ATM, by simply marketing to their list. They know that their list is the most important asset that they own.

They are always on the lookout for new tools and ways to continually grow their list.”

Without your Marketing list and a consistent flow of Visitors or Traffic to your Website, you will Lose Income and your Business Will Fail

A Google search reveals About 620,000,000 traffic websites, too many? We help weed them out for you

We have been here since 2004 so as you can imagine we have several hundred lists and will have to break them into manageable pieces for you. Here with my Traffic List L; see below for additional lists. These offer a broad variety of both established conventional list building tools and current innovative ways of growing your lists online. Verified advertising that you can trust, no bots!

Click Here for Lists 1A, B, CDEFGH, IJK, L, M, N-R, S, T, U-Z

Click Here for BitCoin Investors Enthusiasts Seekers and Lovers Traffic Resources For You

Keep it Simple, some of you are a building your business online, find something interesting and start building your traffic portfolio. Others will find my latest additions to add to their portfolio. Remember, it is still a numbers game; the more you advertise the more likely that you will see the results that you are looking for.

Some sites come with bonuses that are not available elsewhere on the internet.

Enjoy and Get Started Today


Most are “Free to Join” Many will have “Upgrade Options” which trigger your levels of access, commissions, and bonuses

  • Joining through the author’s links as a “New Member” entitles you to a Matching Bonus from the author
  • The matching bonus is generally available on JAM products and not available for these products elsewhere on the Internet

So, Let Us Get Started Creating and Growing Your Marketing Lists and Potential Earnings Online

*Sokule Sokens Bonus (2x)

If you are not a member, join Sokule for Free to Collect you Bonuses

* Sokule – Join Us

My marketing life on the Internet started here with Sokule where I found the tools and training necessary to learn and grow online.  Sokule Auto-builds, Your List for You, Email up to 1.4 million members daily.  Home of Sokens helps build your list of followers or trackers.

Latest SuperCharged Solo Ads – Join Us

A Guaranteed 1,000 Clicks on Every Ad You Send 

Lead Generating Tools – Join Us

Since 2003 providing Free Tools, Software and eCourses to Build Your Leads and Lists

Lead King – Join Us

1000 Fresh Daily Business Opportunity Leads

Leads Leap – Join Us

A great, unique traffic and lead resource. Must have.  Advertising, Search engine traffic, viral leads building, and tools to convert your traffic into leads.

Legends Mailer – Join Us

Video Splash Page Learn the Secrets of Marketing Legends that focus on Building their List and generating High-Quality Traffic

List Adventure – Join Us

Online business doesn’t have to be all work and no play.  Why not make it fun? List Adventure has turned list building into an epic adventure.  You can level up, earn badges, and of course
seriously build your business and brand.

List Bonus – Join Us

A modern, effective, double opt-in list builder that allows you to sky-rocket your efforts.  The free 1500 mailings won’t be around forever – so check it out now, it will only take a few seconds!

List Hoopla – Join Us

This Directory is a traffic and commissions builder that helps anyone. Simple Easy Instructions: Join each (free is okay) and use each to promote any website. That’s not all — promote Your Hoopla and get signups to earn traffic and commissions.

List Impact – Join Us

A list builder that stands out and simply works. Plenty of ways to get exposure, drive traffic and make a profit. List Impact is FUN and was made to get you real, lasting results.

List Insomnia –  Join Us

Would you love to see where people are clicking on your affiliate links?  Would you love to have your Text Ads rotating in a highly responsive list?  Do you know the expression…The M’oney Is In The List?

List Joe – Join Us

Have you heard of Joe?  He’s a pretty powerful guy that’s been helping online businesses grow since 2005.  And the best part about it is..that he does all the work for you.

List Jumper – Join Us

List Jumper has introduced consecutive loyalty bonuses! The longer you go by reading at least one email per day, the more advertising you earn. Start sending your own ads to this responsive list!
List Million – Join Us
List Million lets you send your offers out to our members for free using our mailer. Upgrade and you can email up to 5000 members every 3 days!  Join Today and Get Traffic Now:

List Nerds – Join Us

List Nerds enters the viral list building world with a bang. Its fresh its new and its something I think this industry needs. A complete custom script that gets your emails delivered more than anything ever before it.

List Outbreak – Join Us 

A new Viral List Builder has just been released. It’s a ‘MUST’ join.   It can literally build you a list of thousands in just a few days with very little effort.   List Outbreak is more viral than anything you’ve seen before.

List Recon – Join Us

There’s no big secret … if you want to make more money with your online business, you need a list of customers!  Your list is the lifeblood of your business. That’s why everyone says “the money is in the list”.   Revealed inside is the stupidly simple system that anyone can use to start building a list and making more money in minutes.

List Speedster – Join Us

List Speedster is UNIQUE in Online Marketing.  You get an instant mailing list, PLUS…
As soon as you sign up, you will see a racing game… and by playing well, you can get an EVEN BIGGER LIST TO MAIL TO before you even start.

List Surfing – Join Us

List Surfing is what you get when you combine a traffic exchange with a list builder! No surf ratio Unlimited Rotation of your site! Responsive e-mail advertising! Less work  More Traffic and Results!

List Unlocked – Join Us

Time to discover List Unlocked. If you want more traffic, sign-ups and sales, you’re going to love this.  Instant access to thousands of leads.  An email list that keeps growing.

List Volta – Join Us 

A Marketing Revolution!  Over 12 years in the making!  Come Submit Your FREE Ad NOW! Thousands are Waiting

Lords of Traffic – Join us

Great features include Free Rotator  Dynamic surf ratio, earn up to 2 hits for every page you view  Downline builder Numerous Games and Prizes Pages to make surfing more enjoyable

Lucky7$ Text Ads – Join Us

Advertise and promote ALL of your products and services here and it is totally FREE to join! You can even make money with this site while advertising your own programs!

Lucrative Traffic – Join Us

Lucrative Traffic is a new system that reveals 20 proven sources of buyers in the “work from home” niche, plus how to advertise to get steady signups and sales from these sources. You learn WHERE the hungry buyers are, WHAT they are buying, and HOW to advertise!

*Sokule Sokens Bonus (2x)

Best to You

Dr. Don

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Dr Don
Dr. Don Yates Sr Ph.D. Online since 2004 investigating and reporting Internet Crimes, Scams, Threats as well as Business and Work from Home Opportunities Author. The Internet Users Handbook 2nd Edition 2009-2013, Mentor, Advisor and Coach, Entrepreneur, Retired Chairman, CEO, and President, RE Broker
Dr Don
Dr Don
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