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From our post “Why You Need a Marketing List” 

“Guru’s maintain large lists and can make money every day, almost on demand, like an ATM, by simply marketing to their list. They know that their list is the most important asset that they own.

They are always on the lookout for new tools and ways to continually grow their list.”

Without your Marketing list and a consistent flow of Visitors or Traffic to your Website, you will Lose Income and your Business Will Fail

A Google search reveals About 620,000,000 traffic websites, too many? We help weed them out for you

We have been here since 2004 so as you can imagine we have several hundred lists and will have to break them into manageable pieces for you. Here with my Traffic List U-Z; see below for additional lists. These offer a broad variety of both established conventional list building tools and current innovative ways of growing your lists online. Verified advertising that you can trust, no bots!

Click Here for Lists 1A, B, CDEFGH, IJK, L, M, N-R, S, T, U-Z

Click Here for BitCoin Investors Enthusiasts Seekers and Lovers Traffic Resources For You

Keep it Simple, some of you are a building your business online, find something interesting and start building your traffic portfolio. Others will find my latest additions to add to their portfolio. Remember, it is still a numbers game; the more you advertise the more likely that you will see the results that you are looking for.

Some sites come with bonuses that are not available elsewhere on the internet.

Enjoy and Get Started Today


Most are “Free to Join” Many will have “Upgrade Options” which trigger your levels of access, commissions, and bonuses

  • Joining through the author’s links as a “New Member” entitles you to a Matching Bonus from the author
  • The matching bonus is generally available on JAM products and not available for these products elsewhere on the Internet

So, Let Us Get Started Creating and Growing Your Marketing Lists and Potential Earnings Online

*Sokule Sokens Bonus (2x)

If you are not a member, join Sokule for Free to Collect you Bonuses

* Sokule – Join Us

My marketing life on the Internet started here with Sokule where I found the tools and training necessary to learn and grow online.  Sokule Auto-builds, Your List for You, Email up to 1.4 million members daily.  Home of Sokens helps build your list of followers or trackers.

U-Z SuperCharged Solo Ads – Join Us

A Guaranteed 1,000 Clicks on Every Ad You Send 
Targeted Paid Traffic

Udimi – Join Us

Targeted Advertising – All your referrals will get $5 gift code instantly after registration via your affiliate link. This code can be used on any $70+ order.

Universal Team Build – Join Us

The TrafficWave Universal Team Build membership site as a way to expand your TrafficWave affiliate network. Great tools for promoting your affiliate link

Viral Ad Builder – Join Us 

Bitcoin Builder, You ads reach 1,000’s of pages, Now over 13,000 members

* Viral Ads Depot – Join Us

The bottom line for any marketer or business owner is sales.  You need to reach people who… (a) have money to spend (b) have a proven record of taking money out of their pockets. Anytime you can send your offers to these people – do it!   email to 3,000 random members every 3 days

Viral Hoopla – Join Us

Viral Hoopla: viral advertising, testing, and rankings, referral building, commissions too! 100% Independent Statistical Testing Since 2002!  Celebrating 15 Years Testing Reports!

Viral List Cash – Join Us

You get a valuable and useful free gift, and a really easy to build a huge list of opt-in subscribers fast (your sign ups actually build it FOR YOU!).  You can also earn money almost effortlessly without spending any (how cool is THAT?).

Viral Mail Profits – Join Us

First-ever Direct Feedback Mailer Not only can you grab access to the world’s most effective mailer management system, you also get a highly responsive mailer, and you can get it all for free too!

Viral Nugget – Join Us

Earn highly effective email advertising, and get rewarded more for your time, because along with  credits you also earn bonus text and banner impressions for EVERY click!

Viral PLR – Join Us

Get instant access to a fresh, new re-brandable product every single month which you can resell or use to build your list? Well, that’s what the guys at ViralPLR are offering.  Free. Built-in rebranding system which automatically rebrands all the eBooks with your details

Viral Safelist Mailer – Join Us

Viral Safelist Mailer uses a state-of-the-art script with a “Click & Surf” system to ensure you are getting quality views to your ads. You will have the ability to email hundreds, even thousands, of prospective clients with this “no cost” advertising system.  Earn residual traffic and residual income.

Viral Search Traffic – Join Us

Any time anyone clicks on one of your banners and signs up they will be placed in your downline and you will earn credits when they search, and when anyone they refer searches, 5 levels deep!


Viral Traffic Coop – Join Us

Discover How To Get Sales On Autopilot With This New Hands-Free Way Of Getting Thousands Of High Quality Visitors From The Very Best Converting Traffic Exchanges And Advertising Networks For Only A Fraction Of Their Prices — Guaranteed!

Viral Traffic Frenzy – Join Us

How to multiply your efforts instantly. The secret trick that makes people WANT to work for you. Gain an unfair advantage over your competition How to get traffic effortlessly

Viral Traffic Outbreak – Join Us

VTO is a new site that will boost your web traffic and get your promotions in front of more visitors, guaranteed. How does it work? Simple. You make 1 small change in what you’re doing (takes about 30 seconds) and that’s it! You will see MORE web traffic and MORE ad views 

Viral URL – Join Us

This site is Hyper-Viral and puts your efforts on Steroids. An industry leader that will make it so
easy for marketers from now on to track their progress and promotional efforts whilst also building a huge downline that they can email

V Traffic Rush – Join Us

Get your very own Branded Viral Ad Page and start building a team that advertises for you!Are you working smarter or harder? Using other advertising tools, your downline also advertise for you? 

Web’s Best Mailer – Join Us

Video Splash Page. A mailer that provides statistics on what is working and what is not. Testing your ads saves you money Pays 50% commission on all referrals
Full Auto-Pilot Marketing

* We Send You Visitors – Join Us

Ads, Blog, LInks plus plus, Great site for all ad submissions

What Works 4 Me – Join Us

Video Splash Page Turn your ads into profits with tracking and bonuses

Why Not Join Me – Join Us

Get more conversions and more money in your pocket with special something that is called an Attention Grabber or call to action and they are extremely powerful.

WNJM Grabber Mail – Join Us

Send an email, include an attention grabber (call to action) image that compels your readers to take action, and then have that email appear in rotation on 7 different sites forever.

Wonder Mailer – Join Us

WonderMailer is getting people results, come to check out the testimonials. The click rate is
massive. All of Your Email ads, banner ads, and text ads – WILL be clicked and visited.  You’ll see, it takes seconds to see why it’s called “Wonder Mailer” – and it just came out.
Words That Can Make You Money

Words That Pay – Join Us

Words matter. Words can heal. Words can reveal. Words can deflate. Words can create. Words can tell. Words can sell. Words can tire you. Words can inspire you. Words matter. Use the right words and money will flow. Use the wrong words and money will go.

World Text Ads – Join Us

We are All About Traffic! We are All About List Building! World Text Ads.  New: Recharge SuperNetwork Solo Ads Sent to 66 Sites Total Combined Membership of 14,922 Members

Xtreme List Building – Join Us

Since 2011 Pays you Instant Commissions! It is Free to Join and right now he is giving away $300 in F.ree Ads!  Even Free Members can give away a Free Gift and Start Building their List and Receive 

* You Can Reach Everyone – Join Us

Reach up to 15,000 Random List Members Daily! BIGGEST Marketing Problem Solved! New Mailer! Reach Thousands Daily!

Your Viral Banners – Join Us

Video Splash Page Banner Ads Reinvented for Results

Your EZ List – Join Us

Your EZ List is a viral list builder where you can join today and get $130 in free ads! Once inside the member’s area, just redeem this promo code: newmember

Your Viral List – Join Us

Video Splash Page Build Your List, Not Theirs

Your Viral Mailer – Join Us

Video Splash Page A mailer that builds your list

Your Viral Traffic – Join Us 

Video Splash Page Build You List With Targeted Traffic

Z5Traffic – Join Us

Generate mega loads of FREE website traffic for your websites.  A social network, money generator and traffic exchange all rolled into one! They have member prizes, a lotto and they give out cash rewards every month!

Zombie Mails – Join Us

Free Advertising System provides you with traffic and tools to help you be successful online

*Sokule Sokens Bonus (2x)

Best to You

Dr. Don

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Dr Don
Dr. Don Yates Sr Ph.D. Online since 2004 investigating and reporting Internet Crimes, Scams, Threats as well as Business and Work from Home Opportunities Author. The Internet Users Handbook 2nd Edition 2009-2013, Mentor, Advisor and Coach, Entrepreneur, Retired Chairman, CEO, and President, RE Broker
Dr Don
Dr Don
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