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ICFO Niche News Blogs and Posts ICFO, The Internet Crime Fighters is a news media resource with amalgamated content from various feeds, videos, guest posts, and original content Objective To Increase Internet Crime Awareness and Traffic thru Niches Supported By Your Donations, Likes, Shares, and Comments Join Our War On Internet Crimes Against Children Children and Family News: Increasing Internet Crime Awareness, One Share at a Time News: The Internet Crime Fighters Org [ICFO] News: Draft The Internet Users Handbook, 3rd Ed, C 2009-2019 ICFO Niche News: Newbies, Internet Crime,…

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Why YOU Should Join Us in The War On Internet Crime?

Internet Crime

Join Us in The War On Internet Crime – Why? Internet Crime Is Everyone’s Responsibility   It takes an Army of Members, Money, Likes, Shares, and Comments to launch a credible fight. A War We Are Losing! Child Sexual Abuse, Up Nearly 145% in 1 Year My message as a victim Good day and Welcome. I am asking my friends and contacts to support the following cause.   You can start with your likes, sharing and comment to bring additional traffic to our Internet Crime Fighters Org Facebook page Your…

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