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ICFO Archive: Internet Piracy 1 [Video]

Older ICFO archive history of Internet Piracy 1

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Pirate Bay founders back in court to try to avoid jail

Irish court rules in favor of ISPs in piracy case

Pirate Bay founders lose appeal

Net piracy gets its day in court

Government to rethink Digital Economy Act’s web blocks

Industry plans to block piracy websites criticized

Film industry takes action to prevent illegal downloads

UK looks to the US on piracy blocking

BT ordered to block links to the Newzbin 2 website

Hollywood goes to war on pirates 

Arts groups tell BT to block access to The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay vows to go underground over blocking the threat

Swedish investigation into The Pirate Bay ‘deepens’

Microsoft Windows Messenger blocks The Pirate Bay links

Pirate Bay: Fighting a losing battle?

The Pirate Bay must be blocked by UK ISPs, court rules

Piracy sites are ‘rife with scams’ says media industry

Pirate Bay: Should ISPs police online content?

File-sharers look to VPNs to overcome Pirate Bay ban

The Pirate Bay hit by DDoS attack

US report warns on China IP theft

Pirate Bay block effectiveness short-lived, data suggests

Music piracy: Google under fire

BT Pirate Bay block already circumvented

Google to push pirate sites down search results

Google’s anti-piracy move prompts file-sharers’ reply

A glimpse at piracy in the UK and beyond

More piracy sites faced with blocking as BPI contacts UK ISPs

Game of Thrones tops TV show internet piracy chart

13 PC resellers accused of Windows piracy

Court orders UK ISPs to block more piracy sites

Top porn sites ‘pose growing malware risk’ to users

Porn sites reject ‘growing risk’ of malware claim

Pirate Bay co-founder Warg arrested in Cambodia

Google removes The Pirate Bay from auto-complete search

The Pirate Bay moves to the cloud to avoid a shutdown

Pirate Bay launches own PirateBrowser to evade ISP filesharing blocks

Hobbit tops 2013 most pirated films

The Pirate Bay founders are building a P2P internet

Australian Netflix customers branded pirates

Police warn over malware threat from pirate video websites

Piracy sites are ‘rife with scams’ says media industry

Surprise, surprise — almost every piracy website features cyber scams

Nearly All UK’s Favorite Pirated Movies And TV Shows Contains Malware Or Credit Card Scams

Anti-piracy group warns about malware-riddled sites – fair, or scaremongering?

Pirate Bay fugitive Peter Sunde arrested in Sweden

UK anti-piracy action set to begin

Police to place ads on piracy sites 

Police slap warning banner ads on ‘pirate’ sites

UCLA faculty voice: Intellectual property — valuable to every discipline

Let’ not Talk About PHI for a Moment, let’s Talk about Intellectual Property

BBC offers a view on Australian piracy

Free Peter Sunde: Pirate Bay Founder’s Hollywood Supporters Outraged Over Mistreatment in Jail

Pirate Bay Founder “Will Wear Handcuffs” to Carry Father’s Coffin

IP UK legalizes music, film and e-book back-ups

Google changes ‘to fight piracy’ 

Piracy police to be given more money

Google changes ‘to fight piracy’ by highlighting legal sites

Pirate Bay founder faces a jail term

Pirate Bay co-founder sentenced for hacking CSC servers

German police stage piracy raid

Pirate Bay founder Gottfrid Svartholm Warg sentenced to 3.5 years in jail over CSC hack

Last Pirate Bay co-founder, Fredrik Neij, arrested crossing Thailand-Laos border

Porn stars want Google’s piracy help

Porn Purveyors Want Google To Help Reduce Industry Piracy

A holistic approach to protecting intellectual property

WIPO Committee On Development And IP Opens With Overloaded Agenda

Expendables 3 Online Leak: Two Arrested Over Damaging Pre-Release Movie Piracy

Blocked piracy site list more than doubles after ruling

UK ISPs are now blocking 93 piracy sites

Pirate Bay Is Dark, but Clones Seem to Have Surfaced

The Pirate Bay back online in a cloned version

Anonymous #OpPirateBay promises retaliation for Pirate Bay shutdown

Crossword Puzzle 2014: The Year in Copyright News

The Pirate Bay signals potential return with a pirate flag at ThePirateBay.se

International Copyright Law: 2014 in Review

U.S. Copyright Office Releases New Report on Document Recordation

Google pushes to take Oracle Java copyright case to Supreme Court

Canadians Sent Threatening Messages After Canada’s Online Copyright Rule Update

Who Will Own the Internet of Things? (Hint: Not the Users)

It’s Copyright Week: Let’s Take Copyright Back

Where Copyright Fails, New Laws and Guidelines Help Secure Your Right to Tinker

Why Kim Dotcom hasn’t been extradited 3 years after the US smashed Megaupload

Progressive Visions for the Future of Copyright in Europe

Fair Use Is Not An Exception to Copyright, It’s Essential to Copyright

Transparency is Necessary to Ensure the Copyright Industry Won’t Sneak Policies Through the Back Door

EFF Responds to USTR Bullying the World to Repeat Our Copyright Mistakes

EFF Files Petitions to Protect Your Rights to Tinker, Repair, and Remix

Absurd Automated Notices Illustrate Abuse of DMCA Takedown Process

Congress’s Copyright Review Should Strengthen Fair Use—Or At Least Do No Harm

The White House Doesn’t Want You to Know the TPP’s Looming Effects on U.S. Copyright Laws

EZTV Hacked: ‘Scammers’ Take Control Of TV Torrent Site’s Popular Domain

The Blurred Lines Copyright Verdict is Bad News for Music

Massive Coalition of Japanese Organizations Campaign Against TPP Copyright Provisions

A European Digital Single Market Is Only Possible if Internet Users Are Heard

Chinese National Indicted on Charges of Online Software Piracy

Sweden seizes Pirate Bay web domains

Hollywood Piracy poses a great cybersecurity threat

Warner Bros slaps Friends pirates with $20 fines

Digital piracy up by 22 percent over the last three years

A closer look into the piracy ecosystem

Sky Broadband Customers Hit By Speculative Piracy Letters

Mobile game Shooting Stars gets an unbeatable version to troll pirates

Game Mocks Pirates With Unbeatable Daft Punk Character

Police anti-piracy operation cuts advertising on illegal sites by 70%

Operation Creative sees 73% drop in top UK advertising on illegal sites

Police smash up piracy profiteers in an official advertising action

UK police are waging war on piracy sites’ funding — and it’s working

Choke on it! Brit police squeeze pirate site advertising money trail

IP crime unit claims infringing website disruption

This is why you should NEVER download anything illegally

Dallas Buyers Club dealt a major blow in Federal Court iiNet piracy case

Dallas Buyers Club smackdown, Stan expands and much, much more

Pirates: 1, Dallas Buyers Club: 0 as Federal Court slaps down the studio

Dallas Buyers Club: Federal Court backs ISPs in a row over illegal downloads SEE Internet Piracy Fact Box

Biggest spending advertisers abandoning piracy sites amidst police crackdown

Piracy gave me a future

Movie pirates escape Dallas Buyers Club

Update on Dallas Buyers Club LLC v IINet Ltd (NO 4) [2015] FCA 838

What now after the Dallas Buyers Club pirate claim is rejected as ‘surreal’?

Dallas Buyers Club – the verdict

Anti-Piracy Org CreativeFuture Forms Leadership Committee

You CAN’T jail online pirates for 10 years, legal eagles tell UK govt

Hollywood, Silicon Valley Sharpen Their Swords in Piracy War

Movie studio sues Popcorn Time Users in the US

U.S. Residents Being Sued For Using Popcorn Time For Android

Danish police crackdown on internet piracy

Windows 10 Scan-and-Block Piracy Fears May Be Unfounded

Windows 10 Counters Game Piracy with New User Agreement

Video Game Piracy On The Rise, Will Cost The Industry As Much As It Makes

Once Again, Megaupload User Asks Court for His Files Back

UK piracy police asked domain registrars to shut-down 317 sites

Spotify Piracy may surge without a freemium option

Indonesia introduces web-blocking

The Pirate Bay news: Indonesia joins the fight against piracy; Ashley Madison account details uploaded

Court orders 20 big piracy sites blocked in Denmark

Explaining how to use pirate site Popcorn Time can get you arrested

Tens of thousands of Popcorn Time movie streamers menaced by anti-piracy fleet

Why Shouldn’t Copyright Be Infinite?

Fox Anchor Suing Hasbro Over Toy Rodent She Says Stole Her Likeness

Norwegian Pirate Party bursts through Pirate Bay blocks with free DNS service

Partially blind albino porn pirate nabbed for £300k bedroom streaming site

Kim Dotcom seeks delay of 10th scheduled extradition hearing

EFF Pushes Back Against State Law Copyright Expansion in California

Bedroom pirate gets 4 years for running a £300K streaming site

Could Bitcoin-powered micro-payments help reduce piracy and ensure artists get paid?

Kim Dotcom of Megaupload will finally face the music over extradition

Harvard professor says Dotcom allegations lack merit

Lessig to NZ court: Dotcom charges would fail in the US

The Big Read: Megaupload and the case of Finn Batato  When the Megaupload extradition case finally comes to court next week, one defendant ‘facing a death sentence’ will cut a solitary figure among the banks of lawyers. He spoke to David Fisher.

Online Advertisers Have Blacklisted the Pirate Bay and Other Pirate Sites

After years of delay, Mega founder Kim Dotcom faces extradition

NZ lawyers spent 29,334 hours and $3M-plus trying to prosecute Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom’s extradition hearing begins

Malcolm Turnbull clips George Brandis’ online piracy wings

5 Things to Know About the Kim Dotcom Extradition Hearing

Kim Dotcom US extradition hearing begins

Megaupload extradition: Rotund web baron Kim Dotcom appears in court

GroupM And TAG Partner To Fight Piracy, The “Seed That Grows Into Ad Fraud”

GroupM Singles Out Piracy Websites as Marketers’ Next Ad-Fraud Headache Costing advertisers $200 million a year

GroupM Wages War on Piracy Sites With Anti-Fraud Group TAG, Demands Publishers Join

Dotcom hearing: Users rewarded – Crown

The Pirate Bay says police didn’t find its servers when they raided a data center in a Swedish mountain

‘Modern-Day Pirate’ Kim Dotcom’s Words Now Used Against Him

After nearly four years, is it time to just settle the Megaupload case?

332M Kick-Ass pirates get asses kicked by scareware ass-kickers

Pirate Bay co-founder and computer hacker Anakata freed

Megaupload Paid Prolific Pirates Thousands in Rewards, U.S. Says

Megaupload ignored takedown warnings

Pirate Bay Co-Founder ‘Anakata’ Free at Last

Dotcom: ‘Aussies just as dumb as Kiwis’

US gov’t: Kim Dotcom paid pirates $3M for movies, should be extradited


Russian social network ordered to act on piracy

Dutch filmmakers claim piracy damages from the government

British journalists on trial over Indonesia piracy film

Kim Dotcom Fights Extradition Amid Payoff Claims

MPAA and RIAA’s Megaupload Lawsuits Delayed Until 2016

Paramount Pictures Copyright Bot Falsely Accuses Forum Commenters Of Piracy

Ford Toyota Nissan Microsoft shamed as piracy sponsors

The anti-piracy battle unfolds in real-time on Periscope, live-streaming apps 

Megaupload prosecutor wraps up arguments to extradite Kim Dotcom to the US

Megaupload gets civil suits postponed until 2016 as extradition hearing continues

Kim Dotcom extradition hearing: Blow to Dotcom as original extradition notices found

Don’t Trust The Pirate Bay: Movie Torrent Site Down Again, Amid Growing Skepticism And More Malware

Dotcom facing financial ‘battle’ despite a delayed case 

Microsoft, Ford, And Nissan Dragged Into Russian Piracy War

Zee Germans Are Coming: German Copyright Troll Announces Plans For Anti-Piracy Surge In The UK

Copyright trolls announce UK anti-piracy invasion

Argentina Proposes a 100 Year-Plus Copyright Extension on Photography

Another Delay in Kim Dotcom Extradition Trial in New Zealand


Anti-piracy activities get VPNs banned at torrent sites

Russia vows to shame big biz that advertises on pirate sites and saves the internet

The Swedish government has gone to war with The Pirate Bay again

Swedish govt appeals court decision guarding thepiratebay.se domain

Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom takes the stand, fends off inquiries into finances At extradition hearing, Dotcom says he made $13 million USD from sales of Mega shares

Megaupload Defendants Don’t Need Expert Witnesses, U.S. Argues

“Abandoned” patents jump as businesses slash intellectual property costs

China already violating U.S. cyber agreement, the group says

How Should Libertarians Think About Intellectual Property?

Australia: Intellectual Property – The unmined resource

Kickass Torrents Is Infected With So Much Malware It’s Starting To Look Like The Pirate Bay

How to contend with intellectual property infringements as a small company

Nations to share common rules on investment, intellectual property

The growth of intellectual property law

The Future of Intellectual Property Law

Kickass Torrents inaccessible because of malware; faces shut down like The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay gains traffic; future’s bleak for Popcorn Time, YTS and Kickass Torrents

London coffee chain ‘F—offee’ received a hilarious trademark refusal letter from the Intellectual Property Office

Business intellectual property cautionary tales – CAANZ

NZ companies urged to register intellectual property

Protecting intellectual property to boost business

The Pirate Bay could soon be shut down by Swedish court

The Latest Twist in the Megaupload Case Hinges on a German Translation

Trunki maker Magmatic rides to Supreme Court to defend intellectual property rights 

Intellectual Property and the New Tax Paradigm

Copyright companies force YIFY to close down; The Pirate Bay could be next in line

Trans-Pacific Partnership Intellectual Property Law: Why Internet Freedom Groups Don’t Like TPP Trade Agreement

TPP deal: Activists urge Trudeau to reject intellectual property changes

Protecting intellectual property throughout its lifecycle

CAGW Releases Report on TPPA’s Impact on Intellectual Property

U.S. Judge Explores Return of Megaupload Data

MPAA: Online Privacy Hurts Anti-Piracy Enforcement

TPP Treaty Update 2015: In Canada, Intellectual Property Law, Farming Threatened By Trans-Pacific Partnership

Enhancement of intellectual property rights protection

Kuwait to crack down on intellectual property theft

One-third of staff would sell their company’s valuable intellectual property

U.S. and MPAA Protest Return of Megaupload’s Servers

Thomson Reuters says exploring options for IP & Science business

Thomson Reuters Exploring Options for Intellectual Property and Science Business

E-commerce, intellectual property strategies key to success in Asia, two top execs say

Social Media and Intellectual Property (IP): Part I- Protection and Ownership

‘Russia needs to maximize the value of its intellectual property’

Intellectual Property Online: YouTube Red And Blockchain Technology

Bad move for Canada? TPP’s rules on intellectual property pulled into the spotlight 

Intellectual property and cybersecurity – how to protect yourself 

Will protect intellectual property rights, PM Modi says in the UK

India committed to protecting Intellectual Property Rights: PM Narendra Modi

What the Trans-Pacific Partnership gets wrong about intellectual property

Pot patents: intellectual property becomes a priority 

Social Media and Intellectual Property (IP): Part III – Aggregation of Content 

Social Media and Intellectual Property (IP): Part IV – Taking Down Infringing Content 


Social Media and Intellectual Property (IP): Part V – Publicity Rights and Celebrity Rights

Intellectual Property Or Individual Prosperity?

Protecting the Intellectual property of the author, the publisher is essential

Social Media and Intellectual Property (Part VI): Select Copyright Cases

Social Media and IP (Part VII): Trade Mark Cases

Social Media and IP (Part VIII): Select Patent Cases

Social Media and Intellectual Property (Part IX): Select Publicity Rights Cases

Megaupload Programmer Already Freed From U.S. Prison

Kim Dotcom’s Megaupload heyday is ancient history for the music industry. The entrepreneur may be facing extradition to the US, but in 2016, labels will be more focused on navigating the changing economics of streaming

Everything You Need To Know About Kim Dotcom and Megaupload

‘Elizabeth and I have ended our romance’: Internet tycoon Kim Dotcom, 41, splits with 21-year-old girlfriend claiming he can’t bear to see her ‘shamed and abused’ online – just days after she moved into his luxury home

The Pirate Bay now lets you stream torrents from your browser With the help of the Torrents Time plugin

Canada Is a Hotbed for Online Piracy, Rightsholders Claim

Inside MPAA’s Piracy Deal With the Donuts Domain Registry

Donuts, MPAA partner to fight online piracy

Current strategies on Internet ‘piracy’ not working: IA

What the Dallas Buyers Club ruling means for piracy in Australia The DBC resolution appears to cement the Federal Court’s methodology in calculating damages for online copyright infringers, but how will this be affected by the three-strikes code and the TPP rules?

Pirates in your neighborhood: How new online copyright infringement laws are affecting Canadians one year later

The Dallas Buyers Club case has been abandoned but illegal downloaders may still face trouble

Owners of Oscar-winning film drop landmark case against Australian internet pirates

Cox Refuses to Spy on Subscribers to Catch Pirates

Sci-Hub: Russian neuroscientist running ‘Pirate Bay for scientists’ with 48 million free academic papers

Piracy Site Which Offers ‘Deadpool’ And ‘Billions’ Blocked In Singapore

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