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Multi-level marketing, also called pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing, is a marketing strategy for the sale of products or services where the revenue of the MLM company is derived … Wikipedia

Is Network Marketing Just a Scam?

Climb to the Top Pyramid selling schemes are a dime a dozen. Orrin Woodward’s organization is one step ahead of them all.

12 Tips to Avoiding Pyramid Schemes & Scams like MonaVie

in-znexrgvat-n-zbanivr-zyz-ohfvarff/">Gbc 4 punyyratrf va znexrgvat n Zbanivr ZYZ ohfvarff

MLM Compensation Plans: The Matrix Model

State of supplements: Elusive wealth, strong lure

Debt and defeat at the bottom of the sales pyramid Amid riches for a few, most in multilevel marketing lose out

The BurnLounge Prosecution Shows How and Why MLM Scams Flout the Law and the FTC

What separates a legitimate MLM from an illegal pseudo-MLM scam?

MLM basic: why is MLM not a pyramid scheme?

Is MLM a Bad Word?

Can Startup MLMs sell “founder” positions? No!

FTC Multilevel Marketing 

Zeek Rewards, Just an Ordinary MLM?

COMMENTARY: Why didn’t the so-called experts speak up sooner?

5 Signs that MLM “Opportunity” Might Be a Scam

The fine line between legitimate businesses and pyramid schemes

How to Distinguish Between a Pyramid Scheme and MLM

“I’m a professional thief” – How not to market MLM

Regulatory strategy for savings/investment schemes, that would address ponzi schemes


Beware of Pyramid Schemes Posing as Multi-Level Marketing Programs


Join Me And The ICCA In Standing Against MLM

Why Do Investors or Participants NOT Use Google Enough? 

Nu Skin, An American Pyramid In China?

Scam and MLM Absurdities: Why do Scams and MLMs do “Same Wine, New Bottle”?

Are “All” MLMs Scams?

The Pyramid Scheme Industry: Examining Some Legal And Economic Aspects Of Multi-Level Marketing


The telltale signs of a pyramid scheme

Pyramid Scheme Targeting Immigrants Charged by SEC


The World’s Craziest Ponzi Schemes

Top 10 List of Ponzi Schemes 

MLM Basics: Why are there so many names for MLM?

Better Business Bureau: How to avoid pyramid schemes


US authorities spearhead global Ponzi regulation efforts

Mass marketing scams: How to protect yourself

Due Diligence: Does the Business Model Make Sense To You? Are you sure

Women guilty over ‘pyramid’ scheme

Aljazeera America publish “in-depth look at MLM” Thinking outside the pyramid 

MLM Mythbusting: Is MLM really a growth industry? (The Numbers May Surprise You)


Avon fined $135 million for bribing Chinese officials

Serial scammer claims Achieve Community Ponzi ignorance

How Provo-based MLM “WakeUpNow” failed

Suit alleges new pyramid scheme targetting Brazilians in Framingham

Framingham business owner denies pyramid scheme allegations

The 5 fatal flaws of Multi-Level Network Marketing MLM: are you selling the pyramid scheme dream, not the reality?

MLM Company Promoting Bitcoin Sets April Release


Top 100 Global Direct Selling Companies 2015

Understanding pyramid scams in PH

5 Huge Companies Accused of Being Pyramid Schemes


5 Reasons Pyramid Schemes Are Worse Than You Thought (Cracked.com)

There is no free lunch in the world

Top 10 Work At Home and Home Based Business Scams

Single mum claims sexual assault by mentor and sacking at MLM

How Xijian Zhou, An Unknown Chinese MLM Promoter, Made $5 Billion In A Matter Of Months

MLM Bill in Limbo, Money Chain Biz Flourish

Top 10 List of Ponzi Schemes

How an online music pyramid scheme conned 50,000 people

134 depositors duped, MLM firm promoters on the run

Five MLM companies continue to cheat people using High Court stay order, Tofail says

Tofail: Be alert about multi-level marketing companies

This Week In Securities Litigation

OneCoin MLM Scheme References Bitcoin To Attract Investors

Top 4 challenges in marketing a Monavie MLM business


Ninth Circuit Opinion Offers Insights Into Illegal Pyramid Schemes


MLM Basics: Just What is Deductible in MLM, and what is NOT?

Vemma shut down accused of being pyramid scheme. Could this result in the end of the MLM?

MLM Basics: Six Factors to Consider When Evaluating an Income Opportunity

‘Unfair And Deceptive’: The FTC’s Prosecution Policy On Multi-Level Marketing

MLM And Rooftop Solar Sales Abuses, Lessons In Regulatory Capture

Latina Entrepreneurs Deserve Strong Advocates, Not False Promises and Deceptive Opportunities

MLM Stocks on Watch as FTC Targets Auto-Ship Program (HLF) (NUS) (USNA)

FTC Affirms Filing Complaint Against MLM Company Vemma Nutrition

Scam Psychology: How Context Makes You Irrational (even though it made sense to you… at the time)

‘Unfair And Deceptive’: The FTC’s Prosecution Policy On Multi-Level Marketing

The siege of Herbalife 

What is Business Porn, and Why Is It Bad For You?

FTC Declares War on Direct Sales Businesses

Forever Rich founder explains network marketing

FTC criticize Vemma for reclassifying affiliates as customers

A Q&A Re: Ackman, Johnson, Herbalife And The FTC

Pyramid scheme prosecution cost taxpayers £1.4 million

Prosecuting members of a £21m pyramid scheme cost taxpayers £1.4m

Pyramid schemes don’t just suck you in, they SUCK

Ackman’s Pershing Square Details Similarities Between Herbalife (HLF) and MLM Company Vemma

The Pyramid Scheme Problem 

Doug Wead: “FTC Declares War On Direct Sales Businesses”

Tyra Banks On Her New MLM Beauty Business

FTC Pyramid Cases Post-Amway

Herbalife/MLM – Ethical Factor In The Market Equation

The Pyramid Scheme Problem

Ackman’s Pershing Square Details Similarities Between Herbalife (HLF) and MLM Company Vemma

FTC Answer On Pyramid Definition: “I Have Nothing For You”

Affiliates self-funding commission qualification = pyramid?

Tables Turn In Ackman VS Herbalife Battle

With FTC Pulling Out Of A Skid In The Vemma Case, MLM Industry Put On Notice

“The Most Interesting Man In The World” Was An MLM’er Jonathan Goldsmith

With FTC Pulling Out Of A Skid In The Vemma Case, MLM Industry Put On Notice

What All MLM’s Need To Take Away From The Vemma VS FTC Case

DSA President Joe Mariano Explains Pyramid Schemes

Mid-Year Data Reaffirm Saturation For Publicly-Traded MLMs

What’s Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing?

The Skeptical Guide to Multilevel Marketing

Multilevel Marketing

Mid-Year Data Reaffirm Saturation For Publicly-Traded MLMs

$1 Billion Cut-and-Paste Ponzi Claim

Scam Tactic: Speak in Half-truths, or how Vemma is trying to create value out of bull****

Ethics And Pyramid Schemes In The MLM Industry: A Response To DSA President Mariano

Vemma Analysis: Lessons Learned – Part 1

3 MLM Personal Care Stocks Focused On China

HLF/MLM: Political Factor In The Market Equation

Another Day, Another MLM Mess

Statistics – MLM vs. classic pyramid schemes & gambling

MLM and Regulators: Innovation, Not Infraction

Truth in Lending Tina’s List

Commentary: How MLM affects the current presidential campaigns

Vemma Analysis: Lessons Learned – Part 2

Traffic Authority

Kevin Thompson – Lessons Learned From The FTC vs Vemma Law Suit

New rules, big questions

Pharaonic creations

Scam Psychology: Victim Mindset is all about asset recovery, not justice

No. of Korean Pyramid Firms Increases to 142


The American Long Con, From Chain Letters To Multi-Level Marketing

Spotlight on multi-level marketing

Educational Development Corporation Is A Hyper Growth MLM Without The Baggage

Did Chinese Traders Flocking to MMM Ponzi Cause Bitcoin Bubble?

Facebook Secret Sister Gift Exchange exposed as scam pyramid scheme  

MLM Basics: Is there such thing as “good MLM”?

Financial Times Writer Calls Bitcoin A “Pyramid Scheme”

What MLM distributors make: disclosure only goes so far

Did The FTC Just Shape The Future Of Multi-Level Marketing?

Multi-Level Mecca parts 1&2: Utah’s MLMs are big business, but few make money

Multi-Level Mecca part  3: Utahns who succeeded and failed at MLM efforts share their stories

Facebook Gift Exchange Really a Pyramid Scheme

Does multi-level marketing live up to its promises?

Scam Alert — Facebook Gift Exchange is Really a Pyramid Scheme

The Divine Rise of Multilevel Marketing. Behind the $34 billion industry making its way to your church.

Jury Continues to Deliberate in Danbury Juice Bar Ponzi Scheme Trial

WORD TO THE WISE: Gift exchange on social media is a pyramid scheme

MPs want Channel S pyramid scheme members compensated

Is the ‘gig economy’ really the ‘scam economy?’ Don’t get taken for a ride

New penalties on multi-level marketing violations in Vietnam

Herbalife, CEO prevail in ‘pyramid scheme’ lawsuit

Housing Market Likened To Ponzi Scheme

‘Classic Ponzi scheme’: Sydney house prices cost 12 times the annual income

Scam Tactics: Attribute Transfer

Executives of bankrupt Oregon company accused of $40-million Ponzi scheme

Bankruptcy Judge Finds TelexFree Operated a Fraudulent Scheme

Secret Sisters’ gift scheme shapes up to be a pyramid

Utah’s Stake in Multi-Level Marketing

The Divine Rise of Multilevel Marketing Behind the $34 billion industry making its way to your church.

Monarch Beach Man Sentenced n $15 Million Ponzi Scheme

How to Tell the Difference Between a Pyramid Scheme & a Legit Business

Utah’s Stake in Multi-Level Marketing

Tim Sales Fires All of His Affiliates!

The Get-Rich-Quick Schemers Who Love the GOP Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Jeb Bush have something in common: “multilevel marketing” companies that prey upon the desperate and broke.

Spotlight on multi-level marketing

Multi-Level Mecca: Utahns who succeeded and failed at MLM efforts share their stories

New penalties on multi-level marketing violations in Vietnam The government has passed amendments to Decree No. 185/2013 on handling violations in commercial activities, with changes in penalties applicable to fraud in multi-level marketing (MLM) activities.

10,000 people bought into an elaborate Bitcoin pyramid scheme

Public warned about pyramid schemes

Warning Notice Issued Over “Pyramid Schemes”

SEC Charges GAW Miners CEO Josh Garza With Securities Fraud

SEC Alleges Bitcoin Mining Companies Operated $20 Million Ponzi Scheme

The Vemma Case: Is the FTC’s Target a Company, a Compensation Plan, or the Industry?

Ken Braun: Pyramid-scheme economics at work in special tax break for Nevada firm

Over 10,000 people were duped by Bitcoin mining startup, feds say

Enactment of “Guidelines on Multilevel Marketing of Mobile Communications Services”

Madoff trustee starts distributing more than $1 billion to Ponzi scheme victims

What is MLM? Tips To Know About Multi Level Marketing

TelexFree ponzi scheme litigation focus of this weeks Speaking of Justice podcast

BBB Tip of the Week: Secret Santa Pyramid Scheme

Pyramid scheme operators put on notice in Lari

SEC Charges Two Bitcoin Mining Companies for Ponzi Scheme

Importance Of PR In Direct Selling

$126M Internet advertising pyramid scheme busted: Cops

Banners Broker – Canadians arrested in US$93M pyramid scheme

Ex-player Tate George faces sentencing in ponzi scheme

Lifewave’s miraculous patches don’t keep the dreaded taxman away

One South Asian among arrested in multi-million dollar Banners Broker pyramid scheme

Executive convicted of fraud tied to Florida resort Ponzi scheme

Herbalife – It’s All Over Now Baby…Green

The ANC: A pyramid scheme on the brink of collapse?

3 Big Reasons Why MLM is not for everyone

Premier Cru moves to online only sales as ‘wine pyramid scheme’ lawsuits pile up

Accused of running a pyramid scheme, embattled Berkeley wine store shifts to online-only sales

Suspect returned in pyramid scheme probe

Global Future City Holding Inc. Announces Initial Testing of Its Multi-Level Marketing Platform

Silver’s son-in-law gets two years in prison for Ponzi scheme

Sheldon Silver’s Son-in-Law Sentenced for Ponzi Scheme

Rip-Off Alert: Ponzi scheme ensnares British immigrant

Pyramid scheme for wine? Collectors cry foul

Judge Denies Class Certification in Nutrition Pyramid Scheme Lawsuit

Non-banking Marketing Company in Balasore Lures People With Rs 8 Lakh Per Month

Lawyer Reveals Details About the Man Behind Bitcoin’s $4.5 Million Ponzi Scheme

Feds allege TeamVinh.com is a Minnesota-based Ponzi scheme run by convicted forger

Martin Shkreli: whizz-kid brought down by ‘Ponzi scheme’

Martin Shkreli ran companies ‘like a Ponzi scheme’, US attorney says

NGO denies swindling charges

These five scams belong on Santa’s naughty list

BBB urges Oklahomans to protect against holiday scams

DoubleCloud.pw Is Another Bitcoin HYIP Ponzi Scheme

Queensbury man pleads guilty in $1.2 million financial scheme

An ode to online ‘Secret Santas,’ the nicest things on the Internet

The New York Mets Operate Like A Ponzi Scheme

Jagruti Agro Foods ponzi scheme goes bust

Guilty plea in $1 million Ponzi scheme

Direct sales and MLMs growing

Global Future City Holding Announces Strategic Support From Global Access, Advancing Multi-Level Marketing Program to Chinese Distributors

Man behind million-dollar Ponzi scheme sentenced to five years in prison

Ponzi schemes: Lure of making a fast buck continues

Jeremy Johnson: I want to be my own attorney

The Unlikely Marriage of Cloud Computing and Multi-Level Marketing


7 Tips for Network Marketing Success Shared By AffiliateShinobi

Telco boss probed in multi-level marketing scam

Multi-Level Marketing: A Modest Proposal

UIC-SEC Joint Symposium To Raise Public Awareness: Combating Pyramid Schemes And Affinity Frauds Opening Remarks, Andrew Ceresney, Director, SEC Division Of Enforcement, Chicago, IL, March 2

Selling Weed Via Multilevel Marketing, Distributor Earnings Potential Or An Opportunity Up In Smoke?

Dear Facebook friends, please stop trying to sell me stuff. It’s getting awkward

Don’t drink the brand ambassador Kool-Aid

The Tupperware party that ate your Facebook feed

Vietnam arrests 7 from multi-level marketing company for fraud

Vietnamese multilevel marketing company leaders investigated for allegedly conning over 45,000 people

60,000 victims identified as Vietnam expands probe into multi-level marketing scam

Herbalife in Talks with FTC to Resolve Probe

Fraudulent network marketing firms spoil it for the bunch in Vietnam

Everything you need to know about the MMM Bitcoin scam

Do You Know Where Your Money Went If You Invested in a Suspect Scheme?

Would Today’s Proverbs 31 Woman Do Multi-Level Marketing?

Federal Court to rule on alleged sham contracting in the Australian MLM industry The legal standing of “independent contractors” in the multi-level marketing (MLM) industry in Australia will be examined by the Federal Court in a sham contracting case bought by the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) against Ecosway Pty Ltd (Ecosway), the Australian subsidiary of a multi-national MLM business.

Charity MLM? What a joke, and here’s proof

Greed, naivety to blame for cases of mass fraud

How Utah became a high-tech hot spot

Won’t Get Fooled Again Types of Cons You May Fall Victim to

LegalShield: DSA does not enforce its code of ethics

Millions of Vietnamese involved in pyramid-scheme business VietNamNet Bridge – After nearly 20 years in Vietnam, a pyramid-scheme business has attracted millions of people. Up to 90% of products are dietary supplements.

Laguna Launches Business in Canada and the USA with 135 Affiliates

Is Herbalife Ltd. In The Clear With The SEC? [Analysis]

Herbalife’s And Other MLMs’ 2015 Data Show Their Growth Era Has Ended

Add Another Yuuge Failure to Trump’s Pile: The Trump Network

The Trump Network: Another business venture Trump launched then abandoned

Here’s Yet Another Penny-Ante Shill From Donald Trump

Laguna Blends Launches Sales of Proprietary “Caffe” Protein Instant Coffee Through 135 Independent Affiliates in Canada and USA – Video News Alert on InvestmentPitch.com

SEC Describes Recent Efforts to Combat Pyramid Schemes and Affinity Frauds

The End Is Near: Herbalife Is Making The Same Failed Arguments That Other Pyramid Schemes Made Before They Were Shut Down

A Brief History of Donald Trump’s Get-Rich Schemes

Natural Health Trends – Fundamentals Matter: $6/Share Fair Value, Even Excluding Potential Legal Issues

SEC’s Ceresney: Legitimate MLM involves retail sales

Binary options MLM? Demand to see SEC registration.

The Billy Mays of the GOP

Do MLM Earnings Statements Constitute Deceptive Advertising?

Top 200 Worldwide Top Earners In MLM – March 2016

Bringing Compensation Plans Into Perspective Part 1

Bringing Compensation Plans Into Perspective Part 2

Bringing Compensation Plans Into Perspective Part 3

Basic Reset

MLM Legend Ed Mercer Joins Global Wealth Trade

Herbalife Faces New Attack From State Senator Seeking Law New York State Senator Jeff Klein called Herbalife a pyramid scheme that victimizes people with “shakedowns.”

MLM Marketing Secrets You Need To Know

MLM Basics: Why an MLM Comp Plan is MORE important than the product, not less

5 Reputation Management Tips You Should Know When Starting or Running an MLM Company

Deceptive Income Disclosures Power MLM Recruiting And Expansion

Scam Absurdities: Birds of a Feather Flock Together, or the Rodrigues and Filho financial links

The Praise Of Folly And Footnote 124

Deceptive Income Disclosures Power MLM Recruiting And Expansion

Direct Selling Momentum Ranks April – 2016

Top 10 Bitcoin Fails: From Gambling, Ponzi to Mother of All Frauds

Please …. STOP asking me “How to Recruit Professionals”

An investigation by Ad Watchdog TINA.org Reveals What You Should Know About Kyani

How to Handle Skeptical Prospects

Multi-Level Marketing: A Heart-Centered Approach

How To Build Momentum In Direct Selling – Network Marketing

Network Marketing in 2016 Back to Basics

5 Ways to Make Money That Should Be Illegal

The New Virtual Party is Streaming

BitSupra to Use Blockchain to Reclaim MLM from Scammers BitSupra seems to be attempting to take MLM and network marketing to a new level with blockchain technology.

QNet: MLM firm busted, 5 arrested

Sisel International Announces Top Distributors

Scam Tactics: Indignantly imply everybody else is wrong i.e. Nerium Proponent’s Comment Dissected

Use Attraction Marketing to Build a Mega List of MLM Leads

MLM Prospecting: How to Address the word “Try” MLM Prospecting Tip: How to Deal with People who Say “I’ll Give it a Shot” or “Try this”

Network Marketing In India

Choosing an integrated software solution for your direct sales company 10 Things to consider

Configuring your MLM software The benefits of configurability and things to consider

50 Ways To Grow Your MLM Business

BitClub Network: The Story of the ‘Accidental’ $137K Bitcoin Payment Just Got Very Strange

How Wakaya Perfection and Todd Smith gutted Youngevity

Affiliate Marketing is Not the Same as Network Marketing or MLM

BitClub Network: Bitcoin’s $137,000 Jackpot http://hackingdistributed.com/2016/04/29/bitcoins-137k-jackpot/

BFH 100+ Largest Global Direct Selling Companies 2016https://www.businessforhome.org/2016/04/bfh-100-largest-global-direct-selling-companies-2016/

P Chidambaram, wife Nalini party to MLM fraud that duped 12 lakh people, says BJPhttp://www.dnaindia.com/india/report-p-chidambaram-wife-nalini-party-to-mlm-fraud-that-duped-12-lakh-people-says-bjp-2207806

Direct Selling News News in Brief News in Brief, May 2016http://directsellingnews.com/index.php/view/news_in_brief_may_2016#When:00:00:00Z

Historical Perspective on the Seventy Percent Rulehttp://thompsonburton.com/mlmattorney/2016/05/01/historical-perspective-on-the-seventy-percent-rule/

Secure credit card processing, Part one Reducing the risk of frozen merchant accounts  – See more at: http://mlm.com/secure-credit-card-processing/#sthash.rWFQ1KHn.dpuf

“Independent Contractor” or “Employee” in the Australian MLM industry? The Federal Court ruleshttp://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx?g=0f0376e8-1d74-4c1c-b5a3-ea008cca053f

QNet: Kirit Somaiya, MP demands quick action against the MLM http://www.moneylife.in/article/qnet-kirit-somaiya-mp-demands-quick-action-against-the-mlm/46808.html

Govt orders SFIO to probe 187 companies for running Ponzi schemes The government has ordered SFIO to conduct probe against 187 companies that had allegedly floated Ponzi, or multi-level marketing (MLM), schemes, Parliament was informed today.http://www.financialexpress.com/article/economy/govt-orders-sfio-to-probe-187-companies-for-running-ponzi-schemes/247538/

SFIO probing 187 companies running MLM schemes http://www.domain-b.com/finance/financial_services/20160504_schemes.html

QNet: Secret SFIO report says MLM, Ponzi schemes ‘a threat to national security’http://www.moneylife.in/article/qnet-secret-sfio-report-says-mlm-ponzi-schemes-and-lsquo-a-threat-to-national-security-and-rsquo/46817.html

How to be an online marketing idiot: arbitrary DMCA takedown notices and SLAPPhttp://amlmskeptic.blogspot.my/2016/05/how-to-be-online-marketing-idiot.html

Getting the Benefits by Starting an MLM Business https://www.thesequitur.com/getting-the-benefits-by-starting-an-mlm-business-694547/

‘The unbelievable’ It sounds obvious but you shouldn’t believe the unbelievable. – See more at:http://www.mmegi.bw/index.php?aid=59752&dir=2016/may/06#sthash.K3r2s7wG.dpuf

QNet: Bombay HC rejects anticipatory bail applications of five including Michael Ferreira, Suresh Thimiri http://www.moneylife.in/article/qnet-bombay-hc-rejects-anticipatory-bail-applications-of-five-including-michael-ferreira-suresh-thimiri/46841.html

QNet: Bombay HC rejects anticipatory bail applications of five including Michael Ferreira, Suresh Thimiri http://www.moneylife.in/article/qnet-bombay-hc-rejects-anticipatory-bail-applications-of-five-including-michael-ferreira-suresh-thimiri/46841.html

Apostelos’ trial delayed till Feb, 2017 (Genesis Acquisitions)http://behindmlm.com/companies/genesis-acquisitions/apostelos-trial-delayed-till-feb-2017-genesis-acquisitions/

Direct Selling Momentum Ranks May – 2016 https://www.businessforhome.org/2016/05/direct-selling-momentum-ranks-may-2016/

MLM Success: How to Get it and Keep it! https://www.thesequitur.com/mlm-success-how-to-get-it-and-keep-it-1414908/

Hai-O Enterprise: Still going strong with quality healthcare productshttp://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2016/05/08/still-going-strong-with-quality-healthcare-products-haio-enterprise-is-now-set-to-soar-higher-in-th/

Herbalife’s Endgame The government may be close to cracking down on the multilevel marketing company. Here’s how it will fight back. Why It’s So Hard to Bust Herbalife for Being an Alleged Pyramid Scheme  http://www.slate.com/articles/business/moneybox/2016/05/the_government_is_finally_closing_in_on_herbalife_herbalife_will_fight_back.html

Bad Argument: MLM Strawman Arguments Labelled as Mythbusting http://amlmskeptic.blogspot.my/2016/05/bad-argument-mlm-strawman-arguments.html

What’s going on in China? http://mlm.com/whats-going-on-in-china/

Scam Tactics: Indignantly imply everybody else is wrong i.e. Nerium Proponent’s Comment Dissected http://amlmskeptic.blogspot.my/2016/04/scam-tactics-indignantly-imply.html

An Open Letter to Congress on H.R. 5230 This is a guest blog by William Keep, Ph.D. who is the dean of the business school of The College of New Jersey and an expert consultant on multi-level marketing issues. https://www.truthinadvertising.org/hr-5230-letter-to-congress/

Will Herbalife Ltd (NYSE:HLF) beat earning estimates again?http://www.zergwatch.com/2016/05/23/will-herbalife-ltd-nysehlf-beat-earning-estimates-again/

Herbalife said to reach settlement with Federal regulators Herbalife shares soar nearly 7% in midday trade http://www.marketwatch.com/story/herbalife-said-to-reach-settlement-with-federal-regulators-ny-post-2016-05-24

Herbalife shares whipsaw amid conflicting FTC settlement reports http://www.cnbc.com/2016/05/24/herbalife-shares-whipsaw-amid-conflicting-ftc-settlement-reports.html

What Analyst’s have to say about Herbalife Ltd. (NYSE:HLF)http://cwruobserver.com/2016/05/24/what-analysts-have-to-say-about-herbalife-ltd-nysehlf/

Herbalife reaches preliminary settlement with FTC: source http://nypost.com/2016/05/24/herbalife-reaches-preliminary-settlement-with-ftc/

BRIEF-No settlement imminent between Herbalife and FTC – CNBC http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSFWN18L0I2

Herbalife (HLF) is Trading Higher on Unusual Volume for May 24https://www.equities.com/news/herbalife-hlf-is-trading-higher-on-unusual-volume-for-may-24

Herbalife FTC settlement announcement by end of the week?http://behindmlm.com/mlm/regulation/herbalife-ftc-settlement-announcement-by-end-of-the-week/

Herbalife Sponsors 4 National Olympic Committees At Rio 2016https://www.businessforhome.org/2016/05/herbalife-sponsors-4-national-olympic-committees-at-rio-2016/

Tilson on value investing, shorting, Buffett Herbalife and what could be in store for shares of the embattled multilevel marketing firm http://www.cnbc.com/2016/05/25/tilson-on-value-investing-shorting-buffett.html

Video Shows Herbalife CEO Michael Johnson’s Promoting False Business Opportunity: Ackmanhttp://www.valuewalk.com/2016/05/video-michael-johnson-herbalife/

Klein & Moya Urge FTC To Take Serious Action Against Herbalife International http://www.valuewalk.com/2016/05/klein-moya-urge-ftc-herbalife/

Herbalife Erases Gains as FTC Decision Lagshttp://realmoney.thestreet.com/articles/05/25/2016/herbalife-erases-gains-ftc-decision-lags

Did Herbalife Ship Millions Of Canisters Of Formula 1 To Lebanon?http://seekingalpha.com/article/3977959-herbalife-ship-millions-canisters-formula-1-lebanon

Network marketing has inherent compliance challenge http://www.nutraingredients-usa.com/Markets/Network-marketing-has-inherent-compliance-challenge

Why Did Herbalife Fall ~2% on May 25? http://marketrealist.com/2016/05/herbalife-fall-2-may-25/

The Direct Selling Association on Pyramid Schemes: Truth and Truthiness  https://www.truthinadvertising.org/dsa-on-pyramids-truth-and-truthiness/

Why This Anti-Pyramid Scheme Bill is Outrageously Wrong for Consumers https://www.truthinadvertising.org/why-hr-5230-is-wrong/

Direct Selling Momentum Ranks June 2016 https://www.businessforhome.org/2016/06/direct-selling-momentum-ranks-june-2016/

Direct Selling A $250 Billion Industry https://www.businessforhome.org/2016/06/direct-selling-a-250-billion-industry/

Direct Selling Association is Honoring Ethics Code Violators According to TINA.orghttps://www.truthinadvertising.org/dsa-is-honoring-ethics-code-violators-according-to-tina-org/

DSA Award Winners Are Ethics Code Violators https://www.truthinadvertising.org/dsa-award-winners-ethics-code-violators/

Spanish Prisoner: How Herbalife Gets Its Money, And What The FTC Can Do About Ithttp://seekingalpha.com/article/3980851-spanish-prisoner-herbalife-gets-money-ftc-can

The Federal Anti-Pyramid Law (Summary and Analysis)http://thompsonburton.com/mlmattorney/2016/06/09/the-federal-anti-pyramid-law-summary-and-analysis/

Cognitive Bias: Choice Supportive Bias (aka Post-hoc Rationalization)http://amlmskeptic.blogspot.my/2016/06/cognitive-bias-choice-supportive-bias.html

The average Top Earner in Direct Selling is earning approximately $20,000 per month / $240,000 per year based on 8,000+ ranks and 500+ distributors are making $1+ million a year.

Directory of MLM Information https://botwatchblog.wordpress.com/2016/06/21/directory-of-mlm-information/

Consumer Groups, Direct Selling Industry Debate ‘Anti-Pyramid’ Legislationhttp://www.naturalproductsinsider.com/blogs/insider-law/2016/06/consumer-groups-direct-selling-industry-debate-an.aspx

MLM, Religion, and Feminism: synergy, or triple threat?http://amlmskeptic.blogspot.my/2016/06/mlm-religion-and-feminism-synergy-or.html

Pyramid Scheme? Growing Opposition To The Direct Selling Association Legislationhttp://www.valuewalk.com/2016/06/pyramid-scheme-hr-5320/

There’s no shortage of fools for ridiculous schemeshttp://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2016/07/12/theres-no-shortage-of-fools-for-ridiculous-schemes/

Herbalife dodges ‘pyramid scheme’ label and agrees to pay $200m finehttps://www.theguardian.com/business/2016/jul/15/herbalife-ftc-fine-200-million-pyramid-scheme-label

Herbalife to Restructure its Business Model in FTC Settlementhttps://www.truthinadvertising.org/herbalife-restucture-business-model/

14 key points from the FTC’s Herbalife complaint (and conclusion)http://behindmlm.com/companies/herbalife/14-key-points-from-the-ftcs-herbalife-complaint-and-conclusion/

Let’s Talk Herbalife and The Future Of MLM http://mlmblog.net/site/2016/07/lets-talk-herbalife-and-the-future-of-mlm.html

Ackman Targeted The Wrong MLM: Primerica Will Collapse Before Herbalifehttp://seekingalpha.com/article/3989204-ackman-targeted-wrong-mlm-primerica-will-collapse-herbalife

REPORT: SEC Moves Against ‘TrafficMonsoon,’ Calls It A Ponzi Feds say Utah ‘Ponzi’ scheme took in $207 million from around the world http://mlmhelpdesk.com/patrick-pretty-reports-sec-moves-against-trafficmonsoon-calls-it-a-ponzi/

Charles Scoville vows to fight Traffic Monsoon Ponzi case http://behindmlm.com/companies/charles-scoville-vows-to-fight-traffic-monsoon-ponzi-case/

SEC shutdown of Traffic Monsoon: The Facts http://behindmlm.com/companies/sec-shutdown-of-traffic-monsoon-the-facts/

Xango Pops Up On The FTC Radar https://www.businessforhome.org/2016/07/xango-pops-up-on-the-ftcs-radar/

Scoville loses control of Traffic Monsoon, Receiver appointedhttp://behindmlm.com/companies/traffic-monsoon/charles-scoville-loses-control-of-traffic-monsoon-receiver-appointed/

SEC reaffirms adcredit opportunities are illegal Ponzi schemeshttp://behindmlm.com/mlm/regulation/sec-reaffirms-adcredit-opportunities-are-illegal-ponzi-schemes/

SEC Halts Traffic Monsoon Ponzi Scheme, Reasserts that “Autosurf Ponzis” are illegalhttp://amlmskeptic.blogspot.my/2016/07/sec-halts-traffic-monsoon-ponzi-scheme.html

Traffic Monsoon preliminary injunction hearing rescheduled for 23 Sephttp://behindmlm.com/companies/traffic-monsoon/traffic-monsoon-preliminary-injunction-hearing-rescheduled-for-23-sep/

Entrepreneur Makes Over 6 Figures Telling People Not To Join MLMshttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/jack-choros/entreprenuer-makes-over-6_b_11248738.html

Jeunesse, Top Distributors Face Pyramid, RICO Allegationshttps://www.truthinadvertising.org/jeunesse-top-distributors-face-pyramid-scheme-racketeering-allegations/

Jeunesse, Top Distributors Face Pyramid, RICO Allegations The suit, filed in July in federal court in Arizona, names the company, three top executives and three top distributorshttp://mlmhelpdesk.com/tina-reports-jeunesse-top-reps-face-pyramid-rico-allegations/

The Case for a Chief Compensation Officer http://mlm.com/the-case-for-a-chief-compensation-officer/

The FTC and the Evolving Direct Selling Consumer Read more athttp://www.business2community.com/consumer-marketing/ftc-evolving-direct-selling-consumer-01623044#g7pRlph0SjjyyeL7.99

Eric Worre is wrong about Dave Ramsey: or, why MLM advocates only know truthiness, not truthhttp://amlmskeptic.blogspot.my/2016/08/eric-worre-is-wrong-about-dave-ramsey.html

Signs of a MLM scam http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2016/08/21/signs-of-a-mlm-scam/

Where do these MLMers get their “facts”? Certainly not from this reality.http://amlmskeptic.blogspot.my/2016/08/where-do-these-mlmers-get-their-facts.html

Want To Know The Future Of Herbalife And Other MLMs? Look No Further Than The Factshttp://seekingalpha.com/article/4002667-want-know-future-herbalife-mlms-look-facts

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