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Tax Scams

Older archive but a good history of Tax Scams

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Anonymous Hacks IRS Database — Publishes Romney Tax Returns

2012 IRS May Have Lost Billions To Identity Theft, Treasury Says

Why I Don’t Believe That Anonymous Hacked The IRS For Romney’s Returns

Why Your Tax Return Is at High Risk from Hackers

Congressman Goes On Berating Rant At Ousted IRS Commissioner And Gets A Standing Ovation

Poll: More think W.H. behind IRS flap

How Scammers Steal Your Tax Return

You Can Now Download Your Tax Return Transcript From The IRS

Beware Of Tax Scams As Filing Season Nears

IRS is overwhelmed by identity theft fraud

IRS warns on ‘Dirty Dozen’ tax scams for 2014

4 ways scammers can steal your tax refund

Your Tax Returns Are Hacker Bait

Canada’s IRS Gets Hacked

Your Tax Information Still Not Protected From Being Hacked

Identity theft tax refund fraud Part 1 of 2

Identify theft tax refund fraud Part 2 of 2

A scammer stole my tax refund’

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How I Was Hacked By A Tax Scam: Safeguards You Can Employ Now

Fake Tax Refund Notification Tries to Steal Personal Info

To fight $5.2B worth of identity theft IRS may need to change the way you file taxes, get refunds

Tax-related scams don’t hit just during tax season

Continuing Federal Cyber Breaches Warn Against Cybersecurity Regulation

Fake IRS callers take $5 million from victims

IRS phone scammers double up their efforts for the holidays

Hackers are stealing your tax refund

Inuit Suspends Turbo Tax e-Filing, Investigating Fraudulent Returns

Tax-refund fraud to hit $21 billion, and there’s little the IRS can do

IRS’ overloaded phone system hung up on over 8M taxpayers

IRS hacked, 100,000 taxpayers exposed

Criminals steal taxpayer data via IRS Web service

IRS: Crooks Stole Data on 100K Taxpayers Via ‘Get Transcript’ Feature

Criminals use IRS website to steal data on 104,000 people

IRS Says Identity Thieves Accessed Tax Transcripts For More Than 100,000 Taxpayers

Hackers stole personal information from 104,000 taxpayers, IRS says

IRS hacked, 100,000 tax accounts breached

ALERT: IRS Makes Terrifying Announcement, 100,000 People Affected Nationwide

Thieves Access Taxpayer Information From IRS

Criminals steal taxpayer data via IRS Web service

Hackers Hit the IRS and Make Off With 100K Taxpayers’ Files

Criminals use IRS website to steal data on 104,000 people

Are You ‘Over-Exposed’ Online? Lessons From IRS Hack

The IRS Could Have Prevented Its Latest Data Hack. Time For Some TFA

IRS Hack Bigger Deal Than Retailers’

IRS Hack Shows Government Safeguards Not Up-to-Date

IRS hack came from Russia

The IRS Claims They Were Hacked By a Sophisticated Russian Crime Syndicate

IRS chief shrugs at massive breach — of course

‘Not amateurs’: IRS hackers steal thousands of taxpayers’ info

Midday Roundup: IRS hack attack strips data from 100,000 taxpayers

IRS believes massive data theft originated in Russia

The IRS hack: Beware of follow-up Scams

Cyberattack Exposes I.R.S. Tax Returns

IRS Data Breach Draws Capitol Hill Scrutiny

IRS Tax Information Hack Traced to Russia

Sources: IRS believes massive data theft originated in Russia

IRS hack: Questions ‘only you know’ easy to answer

U.S. IRS tax data hack traced to Russia: CNN

IRS hack came from Russia

The IRS Could Have Prevented Its Latest Data Hack. Time For Some TFA

Senate To Hold Hearing On IRS Hacking Affecting 200,000

IRS hack exposes personal data of more than 104,000 taxpayers

FBI investigates IRS hack

IRS Attack Demonstrates How Breaches Beget More Breaches

IRS Authentication Method Criticized

IRS breach shows the importance of PII security

Russian hackers behind $50 million IRS scheme, report says

Does it Matter if Russia Hacked the IRS?

IRS data theft not surprising

The Terrifying Method Hackers Used to Steal Nearly 15,000 Tax Refunds From the IRS

Why hackers are outgunning the IRS

Criminals who hacked 104,000 tax returns worked from Russia and ‘around the world,’ officials say

Watchdog: IRS Ignored Warnings Before Getting Hacked

IRS failed to address computer security weaknesses, making an attack on 104,000 taxpayers more likely, watchdog says

IG: IRS Failed to Upgrade Security Ahead of Cyberattack

TIGTA: IRS Ignored Recommended Security Upgrades That Would Have Prevented Last Week’s Hack Of 100,000 Taxpayer Accounts

Investigator says IRS failed to upgrade computer security that could have deterred hackers

IRS Chief Says Hackers are Already Planning Fake 2016 Tax Returns

Yet Another Threat from the IRS

IRS Takes Step to Tighten Security for Tax System

IRS missed chances to stop cyberattack: Auditor

Was Recent IRS Data Breach Preventable?

IRS Risks Data Breach Repeat While Expanding Online Services

IRS data breach may prove worrisome for those seeking a mortgage

IRS Statement on the “Get Transcript” Application

IRS: Cyber-thieves stole up to $39M

IRS Changes Position On Identity Theft, Will Provide Copies Of Returns To Victims

Chief Says I.R.S. Struggles to Stay Ahead of Online Attackers

Watchdog on recent IRS hack: We told them so

Negligence: IRS Was Warned About Potential Hacking of Sensitive Taxpayer Information, Did Practically Nothing

IRS Data Breach Shows Why The Government Needs to Modernize Its Online Security, Now

Good, bad news for IRS on tax ID theft

5 Ways the IRS Scammers Could Have Stolen All Those Tax Returns

IRS Breach Raises Cybersecurity Fears: Stocks in Focus

7 simple steps to protect yourself in the wake of the IRS hack

Post-Hack, IRS Rolls Out Anti-Fraud Changes

Law Firms Can Learn from Government Data Breaches

IRS employees can use ‘password’ as a password? No wonder we get hacked

Warning on end-of-financial-year tax scams after 81yo WA pensioner loses $110,000

Scam warning after Qld pensioner loses 43k

Elderly Brisbane woman scammed out of $43,000 by a man claiming to be from the Australian Tax Office

Sahil Patel jailed for Biggest Tax Scam in the USA

6 Times U.S. Agencies Were Hacked Before the Pentagon

IRS cuts cyber-hack victims a break

Street Gangs, Tax Fraud and ‘Drop Hoes’

The IRS Was Hit by a Cyber Attack in May…And It’s Way Worse Than We First Thought

500,000 taxpayers affected in IRS ‘Get Transcript’ breach

The IRS website hack was worse than we thought

IRS: Hack Much Wider Than First Thought

More Than 300,000 Taxpayers Affected by Hack, IRS Says

Into the Breach: What Preparers Tell Clients About ID Theft

IRS Says Cyberattacks More Extensive Than Previously Reported

IRS hack far larger than first thought

IRS Hack Job Compromises more than 300,000 Tax Records

How Bad Was the IRS Hack Attack?

IRS sued over data breach that affected 330,000 people

Inside the Massive IRS Data Breach

IRS Hack May Implicate Three Times As Many Taxpayers Than Expected

Class action lawsuit filed against IRS for data breach

IRS sued over data breach that affected 330,000 people

A rare detailed look inside the IRS’s massive data breach, via a security expert who was a victim

There Are No Rules in Love and Taxes

IRS: You Can’t Sue Us Unless We Say You Can

Recent tax scam using ‘scare’ tactics

IRS warns of a phone scam involving their agency

What To Do If You’re an IRS Scam Victim

Tampa restaurateur gets prison in tax refund fraud case

Gretna Tax Preparer is 50th Person Arrested in Statewide Tax Fraud Crackdown

State tax department blocked 160,000 fraudulent returns this year

Springfield woman guilty of $340,000 fraudulent income tax scheme

EG Man who Filed 58 Fake Tax Returns to Steal $3.5m is Sentenced

Fla. Exec Cleared In $200M Corporate Tax Fraud Scheme

Congress Should Impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen

Three Sentenced in Tax Refund Fraud and Identity Theft Scheme 

Wildcats football player gets a year in prison for tax-refund fraud scheme

When the Fraud Hits the fan

Tax refund rues in cyber fraud

Ten Charged in $11.1 Million Tax Refund Fraud Conspiracy

Six charged in $2.7 million tax refund fraud scheme

Former Providence rep, councilman to plead guilty to tax, wire fraud

IRS wants to fight fraud by verifying tax filers’ email addresses, locations and more

D.C. man pleads guilty to filing fraudulent income tax returns 

Former Birmingham IRS agent sentenced in a false tax return, ID theft scheme

N.J. accountant admits to stealing clients’ tax refunds

Ex-Navy man who prepared tax returns for fellow sailors admits fraud

Income tax identity theft baffles IRS

Taxpayers can now see phony tax returns filed in their name

Minnesota couple pleads guilty to the huge tax scam

IRS seeks taxpayer help battling tax refund fraud

Continued Federal Cyber Breaches in 2015

Don’t pay callers claiming to be from IRS

IRS announces new security measures to protect taxpayers from identity theft, tax refund fraud

Lance Ealy sent to prison in tax fraud case

Tampa woman gets 12 years in a tax fraud scheme

Nonprofits push back HARD at IRS proposal to collect donors’ Social Security numbers

Woman who defrauded Oklahoma City-based Paycom receives a 125-month prison sentence

Criminal tax fraud charges still pending against former Richland deputies

Non-Profits Unhappy With IRS Proposed Rule On Charitable Giving

Dayton man sentenced in fraud, ID theft case

Mesquite woman to serve 132 months in a stolen-identity tax refund case

Woman Sentenced for Role in $20 Million Stolen Identity Tax Fraud Ring

KC woman pleads guilty in $400K tax fraud scheme

Tax agencies urge online security use

Norfolk man sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison for tax fraud scheme

7 steps to avoid becoming a tax scam victim

Maui Woman Pleads Guilty in Tax Refund Scam

Don’t Be a Victim of Tax Refund Fraud in ’16

Worst Tax Scams of 2015

The dirty dozen tax scams: Part 1

The dirty dozen tax scams: Part 2

Feds charge ex-Alabama IRS employee, 3 others in $1 million identity theft scheme

IRS sent out $46 million in tax refunds flagged as potentially fraudulent, watchdog says

5 tax scams to watch out for in 2016

N.J. officials say tax refund fraud detection saved $82M

Tell Mel: 2015 scams and rip-offs

2016 NH Resolution: Beat Fraudsters to Your Tax Refund Check

Old Scams Still Finding New Victims

Happy 6th Birthday, KrebsOnSecurity!

Refund fraud on the rise: More Marylanders becoming victims of tax-ID theft 

Here’s how to fight back against rampant ID theft, tax-refund fraud

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