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ICFO Archive: Think B4 You Click [Video]


Older ICFO archive history of Think B4 You Click

THINK before you click

THINK before you click is the strong message of an internet safety campaign designed to protect teenagers from overexposing themselves on social networking sites. … “Once you upload a picture to the internet you have lost control of it. It can be copied, altered and displayed in different contexts without your consent. Think before you click, the site warns teenagers –

Cyber-criminals often use current news, sensational topics, and promises of shocking photos and videos to get you to click on malicious links. Don’t fall for it! Stop and think before you click. Think Before You Click – Center for Internet Security

‘Think Before You Click’, a 20-week awareness campaign designed to empower children, parents, and carers to protect themselves against the risks they may encounter on digital and social media platforms, was launched this morning.

“The campaign will be targeting parents and carers and will be reinforcing messages on how young internet users can make the best use of the new technologies and navigate their way on the web fully aware of the risks and dangers which may not be so obvious to them,” said Commissioner for Children Pauline Miceli. “The campaign’s aim is to provide parents and carers with sufficient knowledge which will empower them to feel confident in guiding their children to be safe online.” Think Before You Click – Commissioner for Children

Right Click on Links

Google and Yahoo! Launch Click Fraud Educational Sites

IE8 Security Part VII: ClickJacking Defenses

WARNING: Facebook Clickjacking Attack Spreading Through “Likes”

Facebook “clickjacking” spreads across site

Viral clickjacking ‘Like’ worm hits Facebook users

Facebook ‘likejacking’ spam scams continue The new external “like” feature has created an entirely new movement of Facebook spam scams and has put the social network right back into a spot where it’s comfortable: being reactive to security threats.

New Facebook Clickjacking Worm

Facebook Warns of Clickjacking Scam

Cheryl Cole clickjacking on Facebook, posing as a BBC news report

Japanese Tsunami RAW Tidal Wave Footage – Bogus CNN video scams Facebook users

FouTube and Other Viral Likejacking Facebook Scams

New teacher from behind Facebook likejacking attack leads to survey scam

When a Facebook friend gets Clickjacked, what should you do?

Italian Facebook likejacking targets more than 107,000 users and Facebook account confirmation scam returns

HOW TO: Avoid and Prevent Facebook Spam

Facebook adds speed bump to slow down likejackers

FouTube and Other Viral Likejacking Facebook Scams

World funniest condom commercial? Facebook hit by viral likejacking attack

Lily Allen: Marriage and Facebook clickjacking in the same weekend

Dad walks in on Daughter Facebook clickjacking attack helps scammers earn money

‘Boy reaction after his Ex-girlfriend posted’ clickjacking Facebook scam

Hurricane Irene clickjacking scam on Facebook

Symantec finds 15% of Facebook videos are likejacking attacks Symantec has found that approximately three out of every 20 videos on Facebook are fake: they are just likejacking scams.

Zscaler Releases Likejacking Prevention Plug-In for Firefox, Chrome and Safari Facebook scams represent a real threat because of the fact that Like buttons and other widgets are all over webpages. The new tool will instantly alert the customer if something’s fishy.

Free browser extension protects against likejacking attacks Forces the display of hidden Facebook widgets

How do survey scammers ‘clipjack’ Facebook users?

‘Remove Facebook Timeline’ themed scam circulating on Facebook. According to InsideFacebook, scammers are exploiting the negative sentiments surrounding Facebook’s Timeline, and are currently spamvertising bogus pages.

Facebook takes on ‘clickjacking’ spammers in court

Facebook, Wash. Attorney General Sue Over ‘Likejacking’ Spam,2817,2399421,00.asp

Facebook takes on ‘clickjacking’ spammers in court

Facebook sues alleged clickjacking firm

Facebook sues alleged clickjacking spammer sparking row

Facebook clickjackers said to make over $1 million a month, agree to stop spam

Inside Facebook security: defending users from spammers, hackers, and ‘likejackers’

Giant snakes eating zookeepers and unwatchable videos – Facebook hit again by clickjacking scams

Android clickjacking rootkit attack is more mischievous than malicious at the moment

Android Researchers Demo Clickjacking Rootkit Vulnerability

Deanonymizing You: I know who you are after 1 click online or a mobile call If you like your privacy when you are using your cellphone or surfing cyberspace, then you might find it disturbing how easily you can be personally identified while doing either. Researchers exploited anonymized location mobility traces and social networks to deanonymize users.–i-know-who-you-are-after-1-click-online-or-a-mobile-call.html

How ‘Liking’ a page on Facebook makes cash for spammers

Google Increases Transparency Around Click Fraud

Two clicks for more privacy

“Clickjacking”: The Art of Hiding a Scam in Plain Sight – See more at:

Facebook ClickJacking Vulnerability

Steer Clear of These “Free £250 ASOS Gift Voucher” Sites

Google Chrome added pop-up warning-to prevent users from browser hijacking

The dirty secrets of clickbait. This post will blow your mind! Over the past year or two, sites like Buzzfeed and Upworthy have introduced a new type of content marketing to the masses.

Is Your Company Serving Up Spam or Content On Social Media?

Trend Micro HouseCall: now keeping one billion users safe on Facebook

Leaky Bank Websites Let Clickjacking, Other Threats Seep In

Top 10 Facebook Scams to avoid

Scammers Using Robin Williams’ Death For Clickjacking

News Feed FYI: Click-baiting

Facebook Is Going To Suppress ‘Click-Bait’ Articles

Compromised Facebook accounts create scam events

Consumer Beware: Let’s Pledge To End Social Media Spam

Will we ever can the spam monster? An unending battle against email-borne nasties and botnets

Internet users falling prey to ‘click-jacking’ schemes

Thousands Of Facebook Users Fall For ‘Free Audi R8’ Scam

Cyber Monday Warning as Online Crooks Gear Up for Assault

It’s Everywhere, the Clickbait Readers are quick to use the label to castigate publications. What is clickbait, and what isn’t?

Facebook Users Receive Free Malware Scanning Tool

Clickjacking: How to Get 20k Instagram Followers

How you could become a victim of cybercrime in 2015 Cybersecurity experts’ predictions for the year ahead: from ransomware and healthcare hacks to social media scams and state-sponsored cyberwar

Experts Warn Facebook Users of ‘Hottest Snapchats’ Scam

10 Essential Rules For Effective Facebook Marketing In 2015

18 out of 20 top boxlines vulnerable to ‘click-jacking’ cyber attacks

Google broke own security with April fool gag ƨbɿɒwʞɔɒᙠ writing jape backfires, opens way to click-jacking attacks and more

Google Fixes Bug that could Delete Blogs, Comments and YouTube Playlists Attackers could complete any Google API action Read more:

Google Patches API Explorer Clickjacking Vulnerability


Clickjackers: Inside The Strange New World Of Modern Spyware

Google Fixes Bug That Could Delete Blogs, Comments and YouTube Playlists

Google Patches Clickjacking Bug


IC3 Issues Internet Crime Report for 2014

Social media security is still a low priority

These 5 Facts Explain the Threat of Cyber Warfare

5 facts that explain cyber warfare

Kaminsky Creates Clickjacking-Killer

Ask HN: Facebook clickjacking – is it detectable?

Report: Secret Service, ICE vulnerable to ‘clickjacking’

How I ended up ‘liking’ the Conservative Party on Facebook without knowing it CBC’s Reg Sherren explores the underworld of ‘like-jacking’

Clickbait: The changing face of online journalism

Seven years of malware linked to Russian state-backed cyber espionage F-Secure report details “The Dukes” malware family and its Russian connections.

You’ll Be Outraged at How Easy It Was to Get You to Click on This Headline

Android Ransomware Threatens to Share Your Browsing History with Your Friends Read more:

Cybercriminals View People as the Best Exploit: Report

Porn-Clicker Android Malware Hits Google Play Hard

Porn Clicker Android malware hits Google Play hard

Week in review: Linux Mint hack, crypto ransomware hits hospitals, and educating policymakers on cybersecurity

HowTo: Privacy & Security Conscious Browsing

The Twitter Rules

Clickjacking Campaign Exploits European Cookie Law

New Android ransomware uses clickjacking to gain admin privileges. The app overlays system dialogs on top of the device administrator confirmation window and hijacks users’ clicks

New Malware, Accessibility Clickjacking, affects 65% of Android devices

343 Android Apps Infected with Clickjacking Malware Found on Google Play Store. Porn Clicker Trojan strikes again, this time worse than ever

343 Android Apps Infected with Clickjacking Malware Found on Google Play Store.  Porn Clicker Trojan strikes again, this time worse than ever

#RSAC: Accessibility Clickjacking Threatens 500Mn Android Devices

500 Million Android Devices Affected by ‘Accessibility Clickjacking’ Malware: Report

No free Disney trip; beware social media scams

Kaminsky Creates Clickjacking-Killer Famed white-hat hacker proposes a fix for longtime Web attack vector.

YouTube Fans Are DONE with ClickBait  Viewers are tired of being mislead

Michael Dell: ‘Ignore click-baiting cratering media’

“Accessibility Clickjacking” – The Next Evolution in Android Malware that Impacts More Than 500 Million Devices [update – 1.34 Billion Devices!]

New Malware, Accessibility Clickjacking, affects 65% of Android devices Read more:

500 Million Android Devices At Risk Of Accessibility Clickjacking Malware: What You Should Know – See more at:

Simple Internet safety advice is to ‘think before you click’

Prioritizing Mobile Security Over Innovation The financial sector is learning to embrace mobile although the risks remain.

Skycure Mobile Threat Intelligence Report Finds One in Five Doctors’ Mobile Device Might Be at High Risk More Than 27 Million Android Devices With Medical Apps Likely to Have High-Risk Malware Installed

Ramdo Click-Fraud Botnet Makes a Comeback

Ramdo click-fraud malware uses evasive maneuvers to draw first blood from researchers

Kaminsky Creates Prototype To Lock Out Attackers Security expert warns the Internet could be lost to regulators and hackers if industry doesn’t start locking down security.

Google Moves to Combat Click Fraud on Ad Networks

Google Busting Publishers Using Clickjacking

Google takes on clickjacking The company says it discovered the use of clickjacking in its ad network earlier this year and is taking action.

Google Announces Efforts to Combat Display Ad Clickjacking

Facebook might finally kill clickbait with new algorithm tweaks

An  HTTPS hijacking click-fraud botnet now infects almost 1M computers  The malware replaces search results with ones from an affiliate program https-hijacking-click-fraud-botnet-now-infects-almost-1m-computers.html

Estonian man sentenced to 87 months for perpetrating click-fraud scheme

Click-Fraud Kingpin Receives 7-Year Sentence Estonian Hacker Amassed $14 Million With DNS-Changing Malware

Think before you click: How Facebook clickbait puts users at risk Read more at

Clickjack Attack Infects Nearly One Million Computers,news-22678.html

1 million machines hacked for AdSense revenue in Click Fraud attacks

Click-fraud botnet infects 900K to earn money via Google AdSense

Peephole attack could leave more than a billion Android devices open to clickjacking

These Are Clickbait Titles That All Youtubers are Guilty Of

Accessibility clickjacking: What it is and why they are at risk nearly a billion and a half of Android devices The clickjacking attacks could hit over 95% of Android devices. This was revealed by a study presented at the RSA Conference. According to experts, the actual number of devices at risk is much higher

Clickbait And Traffic Laundering: How Ad Tech Is Destroying The Web

DoubleClick ad fraud campaign lures victims with promise of adult videos

Digital ad biz is fraudulent by design, complain big brands How do I defraud thee? Let me count the ways


1 in 5 Virus Infected Smartphones Is From India: The Disturbing Realities of Smartphone Security [Analysis]

Pewdiepie: Clickbait Makes YouTube ‘Really Unfair’

How Ad Fraud Ruins the Internet

Criteo Files ‘Counterfeit Click Fraud Scheme’ Lawsuit against SteelHouse

Why CIOs should care about click fraud

Facebook users are rebelling against clickbait with one of the only tools they have

Senators Ask FTC for Answers on Ad-Click Fraud

Senators ask FTC to go after digital ad fraud

US Senators’ letter may appear apocalyptic, but can regulators tackle the complexity of ad fraud?

Calvin Harris Nails Cosmo for Cheap, Unoriginal Clickbait  The selective ethics of shady news: It’s only wrong to tear down women—guys are fair game

PewDiePie scandal ads disclose FTC Shadow

12 Social Media Advertising Mistakes Even the Big Brands Make

Chrome browser extensions discovered engaging in Facebook click fraud


SteelHouse Files A Countersuit Against Criteo As Click Fraud Blame Game Rages On

The ‘click fraud’ legal battle between ad tech giant Criteo and rival SteelHouse just got messier

Don’t Click That Link! You know that you shouldn’t click links in any email messages from unknown sources. So why do you keep doing it?

Facebook tweaks News Feed again to reduce ‘clickbait’

Facebook optimizes anti-clickbait algorithm to further weed out low-quality content

Facebook cracks down on clickbait articles, you won’t believe what will happen next  Finally, Facebook’s latest change in algorithm will help you see lesser clickbaits on your News Feed. The social networking giant has cracked down on links with headlines that withhold information.

Facebook to publishers: Stop posting clickbait

Facebook Announces News Feed Updates to Target Clickbaiting Links Facebook implements new filter to stop spam headlines.

Nemucod downloader’s latest campaign drops ransomware for click fraud

Google Confirms It Will Penalize BlogDash For Link Schemes

600 million IP addresses are linked to this house in Kansas

Phishing study: More than half of people still click on risky links

So much for counter-phishing training: Half of the people click anything sent to them  Even people who claimed to be aware of risks clicked out of curiosity.

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