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I am Dr. Don Yates, Sr. Ph.D.
Founder -The Internet Crime Fighters Org (ICFO) 

I trust or hope that you are enjoying the holidays!

Refresher. I have been online since 2004 researching and reporting Alerts Scams, Threats as well as Legitimate Opportunities to Work at Home and Make Money Online.  ICFO is a consolidation of our previous efforts. As you may imagine, I have 10’s of 1000’s of email list members, and a periodic audit is needed to purge my lists of those that are no longer with us and to give you the opportunity to unsubscribe – if you do not feel that my correspondence adds value to you, your family, friends, or business.

Caring and Sharing

The ICFO is a Caring and Sharing, Value-added, Organization Whose Mission is to Increase Awareness of Internet Crimes Against You, Our Children, Family, Friends, and Business

We are currently embarked on a Campaign to Increase Our  War on Internet Crimes Against Our Children where child abuse is up 145% in 1 year

Click for more info: ICFO News: Join Our War On Crimes Against Our Children

Thanks for Reading, Enjoy Your Holidays, and

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