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Review: Clickbank University (CBU) Review [Video]

Clickbank University (CBU) Training


Lets Cut to the Chase

  • Not everyone has the skill set required to make money online and
  • These skill-sets vary considerably from an offline business
  • Even though I have considerable experience as an entrepreneur
  • in a dozen varied and successful businesses since age 8
  • I found a different world; business and marketing language and
  • More specifically who can you trust to help you achieve success online

Online since 2004

  • Over these years I have researched and continue to review and report
  • On 100’s of Internet Scams, Threats and Make Money Online opportunities
  • Evaluated 10’s of various coaching and mentoring courses
  • Very few live up to their hype and promotions
  • Most vary in content, quality, and sustainable growth
  • Learning to do business and marketing online requires a new set of skills
  • The founders of Clickbank Univesity have put together a program
  • From starting to profitable with nearly any ClickBank product or
  • A product of your choice; which you might also offer to ClickBank affiliates

My Recommendation for Clickbank University

  • Beware of the FAKE NEWS and REVIEWS trying to sell alternative products
  • You will or may have found that everyone thinks they’re Clickbank expert, but
  • Why Not Go to the Source and Learn and Earn with the Best
  • Due diligence; I have done mine and give Clickbank University
  • One of my Highest Recommendations

Dr. Don Yates Sr. Ph.D., Founder

The Internet Crime Fighters Org (ICFO)

I am both a member and Clickbank affiliate

Who is ClickBank University (CBU)

ClickBank University is an online training platform that is designed to help you learn how to create and sell your own digital products. They also teach you how to market ClickBank products through affiliate marketing.

Incredible content. Bonus courses, powerful community, and amazing phone support you know your customers are well taken care of! It’s Clickbank’s brand on the line!

After 2 years of development with over 200 training videos, expert interviews, weekly live training, free bod on the marketing to make sure you, as an affiliate, will see amazing results in your promotions. We’ve split-tested millions of dollars in transactions, fine-tuned our upsells, and are now ready to generate huge commissions for you: our affiliates!

CBU Founders split tested millions in sales through tens of thousands of customers. We’re dialed in!

Resources included in ClickBank University?

The founders have worked hard to document their success and how to’s into Clickbank University. Created one of the best training programs on the internet. Packed with step-by-step videos, interviews with experts, incredible tools, and fantastic support, we know your customers are going to love it.

8-Week Training on Affiliate Marketing

This 8-week course teaches Affiliates how to promote Clickbank Vendor products on Clickbank. No need to create your own product and all you need to do is to promote other people’s products and earn affiliate commissions.

12-Week Training for Vendors

The training here is quite extensive, informative, covers a wide range of topics that include:

  • Brainstorming and researching on what niche to go into and what product to create
  • Create a customer avatar, a digital product, a landing page/squeeze page
  • Adding a sales funnel and how to drive traffic to your landing page
  • Getting affiliates to promote your product and scale up your Clickbank business, etc…
  • Shortcuts and tools to help automate your tasks

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